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Akamai University Degree

Reasons to buy Akamai University fake degree. How to buy Akamai University fake transcript? Where to buy Akamai University fake diploma? Akamai University is an online university that offers a variety of courses, including computer science, cybersecurity, digital marketing, data science, and more. Akamai University’s strength lies in its blended education model, which combines online and offline learning experiences to better equip students with knowledge and skills. In addition, Akamai University also offers a number of certification programs, such as AWS certification.

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In 1900, Andrew Carnegie sent a letter to the government offering £1 million to build a technical college. Later, the government set aside 32 hectares of land near Sholai Park to build the Carnegie Institute of Technology. According to Carnegie’s vision, the college would train the industrial expertise needed for three years in what was then Pittsburgh. Initially the college consisted of a school of Science and technology (training technologists and assistant engineers); Art school (to train designers and craftsmen); Schools for apprentices and journeymen in manufacturing and construction, and a Margaret Molaison Carnegie school for homemakers and secretaries. In the following 20 years, the College also set up master’s and doctoral programs.

In 1912, the school changed its name to Carnegie Institute of Technology and offered four-year degrees. In 1913, banker Andrew William Mellon founded the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research.
In 1917, the school established the first drama school in the United States, providing a bachelor’s degree related to drama, and committed to the cultivation of artistic talents.

In 1967, the boards of trustees of Mellon College and Carnegie Institute decided to merge the two colleges into one and take the name Carnegie Mellon University. In 1968, the Hugret Molaison School was converted into a college for the humanities and social sciences; At the same time, new graduate schools have been established, such as the School of Industrial Management, the School of Urban and Scientific studies, and the recently established School of Computer Science. Other new research centers (such as Software engineering and robotics centers) have been created.