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Algonquin College Diploma

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Algonquin College, formerly known as Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, is an English language college of applied arts and technology in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, funded by the Province of Ontario. Algonquin College was established in 1967 with its main campus in Ottawa. Algonquin College was established along with the Ontario College System. The mission of Algonquin College is to provide high quality education and training that is relevant to future careers, thereby being responsible to students in need and to society. The main programs offered at Algonquin College are: Automobile repair, automobile painting, automobile service technology, furniture making, Commercial vehicle core technology, electrical technology, mechanical technology, tool manufacturing, microelectronics water pipe manufacturing, refrigerator and air conditioning cooling technology, truck and coach technology, interior decoration, photonics, e-commerce supply chain management, interactive media design, nursing science, Advanced nursing technology, event Management, Documentary Production, geographic information systems, green architecture, script research, sports business management, etc.

Canada’s Algonquin College was established in 1967, recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and ranked among the top 5 large public colleges in Canada’s 150 schools. At present, it has 65,000 registered students, 24,000 full-time students and 3,000 international students, including 500 Chinese students. The college has three campuses, the main campus covers an area of 370,000 square meters, is divided into 11 departments, offering 192 majors. The college not only cooperates with major universities in the United States, Canada and Australia for credit transfer courses, but also has cooperation agreements with well-known enterprises and companies in Ottawa to provide internship and employment opportunities for students. Algonquin Language Centre is the Federal Government of Canada language training base, the largest official IELTS test site in North America. Algonquin College and Shaoxing College of Arts and Sciences have signed the Summer Camp program, the Winter Vacation program for outstanding freshmen and the 3+1 double diploma exchange program.

The college is located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada and the fourth largest city in Canada. Ottawa is a vibrant, multicultural metropolis with a population of 1.3 million, including 30,000 Chinese, and a superior language environment for international students. Ottawa Connection is one of the 20 most liveable cities in the world, has been named Canada’s best city to live in several times, has the highest per capita education in Canada, and has ranked in the top three of all Canadian cities in average household income over the past 10 years, seven of which have ranked first.

Ottawa is the world’s leading telecommunications technology center and the software capital of Canada, known as the “North Silicon Valley”, there are nearly two thousand high-tech companies in Ottawa, including Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Ericsson and other famous multinational companies. At the same time, Ottawa is also an immigration destination for Chinese technical talents, and the largest research and development base of Huawei, a famous Chinese telecommunications company, is in Ottawa. Ottawa is located in eastern Ontario, close to Toronto, Montreal and other metropolitan areas, as well as one of Canada’s most famous tourist attractions Niagara Falls, the transportation is very convenient. Students participating in the summer program can choose to travel to these famous tourist spots and metropolises in the east on weekends.