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Fake University of London Birkbeck College Degree

University of London Birkbeck College Degree

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Birkbeck College, University of London, founded in 1823, is one of the 18 constituent colleges of the University of London, is a world-class research institution, and is the only first-class institution in London dedicated to providing evening higher education.

Birbeck is highly focused on academic research, mainly master’s and doctoral training, under the 27 research institutes and 40 doctoral awarding points, 90% of the faculty are committed to scientific research. The school enjoys an outstanding international reputation in the field of humanities and social sciences. In the latest REF(Research Excellence Framework) UK university research strength evaluation published in 2022, 83% of Birkbeck’s research results were rated as “world leading” and “internationally outstanding”. Among them, English and literature ranks 2nd in the UK (1st in London), Art History ranks 4th in the UK (2nd in London), History ranks 8th in the UK, and psychology ranks 9th in the UK.

Birkbeck is home to many international academic stars. Karl Marx taught at the school, and Eric Hobsbawm, a Marxist historian, was president; Zizek, a new Left philosopher, is the international director of the Birbeck Institute for the Humanities; Kostas Duzner, a human rights scholar, is the founding director of the Institute; Jacqueline Rose, a noted psychoanalyst and feminist scholar, and Esther Leslie, a political aesthete, are co-directors of the Institute; Film theorist Laura Mulvey is a professor in the school’s film and Media Studies department; The famous British Sinologist Julia Lovell is the director of the Global history department of the school, and Orlando Figes, the world-renowned expert on Russian and Soviet history, also teaches the history department of the school. Prominent gender studies scholar and activist Lynne Segal taught at the university for 21 years as annual professor of Psychoanalysis and gender Studies, He founded the Birkbeck Institute of Gender and Sexuality (BIGS), a leading center for gender studies at Birkbeck College.

Birkbeck College offers more than 80 master’s and doctoral programs in the fields of arts, sciences and social sciences, and courses are offered in both full-time and part-time types, and Birkbeck College is also the only higher school in London to teach part-time students. full-time is a full-time course. Part-time courses are designed for students who are working or have work experience in the industry and are usually taught in the evening, allowing students to work and study during the day.

Birbeck offers high quality higher education programs to meet the changing educational, cultural, personal and professional needs of high-level talents in the industry, allowing mature students from diverse social and educational backgrounds to participate in all of the College’s programs.

In order to complement the various scientific research of the school, the school also holds a variety of high-quality research topics, which can be successfully completed to obtain the Master of philosophy and doctoral degrees. By the 2007/08 academic year, more than 19,000 students were studying at the school. More than 40 per cent of students pursue a one-year taught master’s programme. More than 600 students specialize in research degrees. While the majority of students come from the UK and the rest of the EU, another 30% come from more than 130 countries around the world. The College prides itself on having a diverse student body, and its focus on adult students attracts many to study here. Famous graduates of the school include Ramsay MacDonald, the first Prime minister of the British Labour Party, and the UK’s only female astronaut Helen Sharman, and the world famous singer Dido, and produced four Nobel Prize winners.