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Approach the World Famous University of Birmingham

Founded in 1900 and located in the city of Birmingham, the University of Birmingham is one of the most famous universities in the UK, buy fake University of Birmingham Diploma, having produced eight Nobel Prize winners and two British Prime ministers. The lush green campus of the University of Birmingham is one of the three best in the UK, with an area of 276 acres. Benefiting from the breadth and professionalism of the school’s curriculum, buy fake diploma, Birmingham graduates are sought after by employers around the world. The University of Birmingham has also emerged as one of the top six UK universities for large companies looking for new staff. Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom after London. It is located in central England. The city style is both traditional and modern, with numerous department stores, shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, theatres and other world-class arts venues (the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra), galleries, popular pop music venues, and sporting events. There are 20 trains a day from Birmingham to London, buy fake University of Birmingham degree, buy fake University of Birmingham transcript, just 90 minutes away; Birmingham International Airport is just 20 minutes from the campus, making it a quick and easy taxi or train ride.

Academic Advantages

The University currently has an enrollment of more than 27,000 students and 6,000 faculty members, including more than 4,500 international students from 150 countries. The University of Birmingham has a long tradition of welcoming international students and has one of the largest international student bodies in the UK.

According to the 2008 UK Higher Education Research Assessment (RAE), the University of Birmingham’s research activities have reached a global level, with 89.9% of its research projects reaching internationally leading levels. The University of Birmingham offers a range of degree programmes, including 427 undergraduate and 327 master’s programmes, in subjects ranging from primary care and cancer studies to psychology, sport and exercise science, music and engineering. The University of Birmingham has also been selected as the UK higher education Centre for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Subject Programmes (STEM). In the 2009 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Birmingham was ranked 66th globally and 10th in the UK.

Founded in 1902, the Business School at the University of Birmingham is the oldest business school in the UK. Birmingham Business School is ranked 67th in the global MBA rankings for 2007-08. The ranking was compiled by the intelligence unit of the Economist, a prestigious magazine, based on a number of indicators, including the rate of salary growth after graduation, job opportunities, personal development and educational experience. In 2009, the Financial Times ranked the University of Birmingham among the top 100 MBA programs in the world.

Surrounding Traffic

The railway

Edgbaston Campus has its own railway station and runs 6 trains an hour on weekdays, 4 on Saturdays and 2 on Sundays to Redditch and Longbridge. Birmingham is also at the centre of a number of rail and coach routes, which, if booked early enough, offer the promise of cheap transport links to many cities. A railcard ticket to New Street station at off-peak hours costs £1.15.

A bus

From Edgbaston school district, buses arrive at the vale, Hunter Court and the city centre, with pick-up points on Pritchatts Road and outside the tennis court. the number 1 bus runs from the Vale to the city centre. Buses from Vale to Selly Oak campus are free for Birmingham students.

Shuttle bus

The school also has shuttle buses that pick up students from Queen’s Hospital Close, The Beeches, the Vale and take them to school for 50p one way. the bus usually arrives at Queen’s at 8am and leaves at 8:25am through the Beeches and the Vale, arriving at the school at about 8:45am.

Accommodation Information

The school offers a variety of school accommodations to all eligible first-year students. There is also a return program that arranges school housing for students who want to live on campus.

School Facilities

The Library

The main Library of the University of Birmingham is a centre of learning resources and one of the largest academic libraries in the UK. There are 2.5 million books and more than 3 million manuscripts, ample computer facilities, good study conditions and a leisure area with wireless Internet access.

In addition, most subjects have their own dedicated libraries, the best known of which are the Barber Library (Fine Arts and Music), the Barnes Medical Library, the Harding Law Library (55,000 books), the European Resource Centre and the Shakespeare Institute (60,000 books).

Most books are available for loan, with the exception of the reference materials in each library. There is a short-term loan area, which is full of frequently used course books. The loan period is 24 hours, and the books can be returned or renewed at 11 noon the next day. The penalty in the short-term lending section is heavy, 50p for every extra hour.

Other books are available for loan at any time and may be renewed in the library or online. Undergraduates are allowed to borrow a maximum of 12 books, and no more than two books at a time.

E-journals and e-resources are available online, and the library also has a large number of hard copies containing much older material than e-journals.

Information technology and computers

Computer equipment is found throughout the campus, especially in the library, Mason Lounge, computer rooms in the buildings and the newly opened learning Center. These places are connected to the university network and have access to the Internet.

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Students have a strong support network. Academically, each student has a personal counselor who can be contacted for any academic problems. Each College has a student representative system with welfare officers arranged on a grade basis. The school apartment also has tutors made up of students. These staff are available 24 hours a day and special learning support is available for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

The Centre for Advice and Representation (ARC) provides free advice to students on a variety of issues, including accommodation, student rights, financial law, sexual health and subject-related issues.

In terms of psychological support, there is a professional counseling team, along with Nightline services and volunteers made up of various students.


There is the school’s general Practice station and dental clinic at 5 Pritchatts Road, just a 5 minute walk from the Edgbaston campus. Students can register there and visit NHS dental, doctor, nurse and women’s clinics.

The store

Stores are mainly located in the Guild and the campus center, including gift shops, hair salons, opticians, and insurance companies.


The university has the following banks: HSBC, Natwest, Lloyds TSB and Barclays

Besides, there are many cash machines in the school.