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Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music on the Road to Art

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Certificate

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Ii. LCM London School of Music Piano Grade Examination The London School of Music Piano Exam is a platform for you to learn more about the LCM International Music exam, which requires more flexibility than other exams. Level 1 to Level 8 piano exam, candidates can choose to play the specified etudes to replace the scale exam, not only reduces the candidates struggle to practice scales, scales back trouble, but also improve their interest in the exam; When applying for Level 1 to Level 7 of the technical subject, there is no need to submit a Level 5 music theory certificate; Diploma level Dip LCM only needs to submit Level 5 Music theory certificate. Fees are also lower than at other UK grading agencies. He not only set professional, popular, authoritative as a whole, but also benefit from the numerous students who love music. Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music on the Road to Art.

The Royal Academy of Music

1. What exactly is the King’s Grade?

The “King’s Grade” is an inaccurate abbreviation that can easily be mistaken for the Royal Family or the Royal Academy of Music. Its full name. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, It was founded in 1889 by Sir Alexander MacKenzie, principal of the Royal Academy of Music, and Sir George Grove, director of the Royal College of Music.

Its members are the four Music schools in the United Kingdom: the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, and the Royal Northern College of Music Music and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, with the Prince of Wales — later King Edward VII — as president.

Yes, it is a consortium, originally named only as the “Joint Committee”, but now officially translated in Chinese as: the Joint Committee of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

The full score of the performance test is 150 points, 100 points qualified, 130 points or more is considered excellent. The certificate contains scores and handwritten comments on music, scales, visual and listening tests.

The full score of the Music Theory examination is 100 points, 66 points qualified, 90 points or more is considered excellent. The certificate will not be introduced in detail due to Chinese translation.

2. What is ABRSM test?

ABRSM exam is divided into performance (including music, scale, visual, listening) and Music Theory (written), both of which are at the highest level of level 8. In fact, there are diploma examinations in ABRSM, they are DipABRSM (Junior Diploma), LRSM(Higher Diploma), FRSM (Academician Diploma) and there are three kinds of diplomas, namely teaching, performance and conducting. This is a very professional exam and only those with Level 8 certificates can apply for the Diploma.

3. What requirements do you need to take the ABRSM exam?

This is a question that is often asked and the subtext is how difficult is the ABRSM exam?

ABRSM exam candidates are not subject to any nationality, age or music study background. Each candidate can choose his or her own subject according to his or her own situation. Then give a personal sincere answer, need a good teacher, need a parent who can insist or can insist on the student, that is enough.

4. If you have passed the National Examination Level 5, which level should you apply for?

This is another frequently mentioned problem with the subtext of homogenous conversion of the domestic grading system and ABRSM grading system. Unfortunately, there is no solution. Due to well-known reasons, visual and listening tests are generally not set in the performance grades in China, which are difficult for the examinees to do through a lot of mechanized training relying on auditory imitation and muscle memory. Therefore, ABRSM exam, although allowed to skip grades, is actually very “fast” examinees.