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British Columbia Institute of Technology diploma

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The University of British Columbia Technology, referred to as BCIT, located in Burnaby, BC, Canada, is a public school providing applied technology and higher education. BCIT was founded in 1964 and is currently the largest comprehensive university of applied science and technology in Canada. BCIT consists of transportation Branch, Computer branch, Manufacturing and Electronics and Machinery branch, Health Science branch, Business School, Architectural Engineering and Environment branch, distance education branch, Teaching and learning Center, graduate school and applied research Center, a total of more than 400 majors and directions.

BCIT has more than 2,000 faculty members, including a dual faculty. BCIT currently has about 55,000 students and an annual budget of $220 million. BCIT’s teaching model includes academic education and non-academic education. Through full-time courses, part-time courses and distance courses, certificate, diploma and degree education can be organically linked. Students may enrol in a certificate or diploma programme before continuing to complete a degree programme. Academic education includes specialist, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
School-running characteristics

The most prominent feature of the school is that the training objectives are adjusted in a timely manner according to the job market, and the curriculum design and teaching mode are flexible and flexible according to the needs of enterprises, so that students can have both employment and entrepreneurship.
Scientific curriculum, BCIT all courses in the first year to take professional courses, the second year to take cultural courses, so that students quickly and effectively master the most practical knowledge and skills
The BCIT Expert Advisory Board updates the textbooks every year in accordance with social developments to ensure that students are learning and mastering the latest theories and skills
High-value licenses, such as construction engineers, mechanics, surveyors, general engineers, etc

BC Institute of Technology adopts small class sizes, focuses on practice, and combines teaching with professional development. Graduates of the university have had an impact on British Columbia, Canada and the world, contributing to urban construction, economic development, health care and technological innovation. Business, Computer Information Technology, Engineering, Health, Media, Applied and Natural Sciences, Trade.
Specialties include Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Environmental Technology, Ecological Restoration, Environmental Engineering Technology, Environmental Health Science, Food Technology, Food Technology and Operations Management, Geographic Information Systems, Surveying and Mapping, Surveying and Mapping Engineering Technology, Honors courses in Biotechnology, Mineral Exploration and mining Technology, renewable energy, Sustainable Resource Management; Accounting, Airport Operations, Media, Enterprise Management, Enterprise Information Technology Management, Business Management, Business Management, Business Operations Management, Communication Design Brief, Digital Animation, Digital Animation Design and Research and Development, Finance, Financial Analyst, Financial Planning, General Insurance and Risk Management, Graphic Communication Technology, Human Resource Management, International Business Management, Marketing Management, Digital Media Master Bachelor of Arts, New Media Design and Website Development, Administration and Technology Projects, Broadcast Arts and Entertainment, Sustainable Business Leadership, Television and Video Production, Computer Information Systems Management, Computer Information Technology, Computer systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Professional Network Management and security, Software Systems Development, Technical Web Designer, Technical Introduction, Professional Technical Branch Aircraft Gas Turbine Technology, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Architectural Engineering, Civil engineering, construction engineering Management, Electronic computer engineering technology, electronic equipment division General core, Industrial instrumentation and control technology, interior design, mechanical engineering technology, robotics and Mechatronics technology, communication technology, wireless communication, Occupational health and safety, Airport operation, Automobile collision repair technology Foundation, Automobile repair technology Foundation, automobile maintenance technician, automobile technician foundation, CNC turning technician, woodworking frame and travel foundation, iron worker foundation, joinery industry, mechanic foundation, technical manufacturing technology, Jigang foundation, motorcycle and power equipment technology foundation, pipeline foundation, railway conductor, mechanical refrigeration foundation, communication technician, Wireless communications technician