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Kansas Apostille Certificate

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Kansas is in the geographic center of the forty-eight continental United States. The northern border of Nebraska. To the south is Oklahoma. West to Colorado. It borders Missouri to the east.

Kansas is in the middle of the continental United States. The northern border of Nebraska. To the south is Oklahoma. West to Colorado. It borders Missouri to the east. Kansas has a climate where the winter winds are no longer biting but the summer is warm (the Gulf Stream flows north). Rainfall is moderate.


Satellite map of the Mississippi River in Kansas

Satellite map of the Mississippi River in Kansas

From the northwest corner to the southeast corner can be divided into three areas:

(A) The west is the high plain, the largest area, about two-thirds of the area of the state, the height of more than one thousand meters, the ground has been cut, there are valleys and hills.

(B) The north-eastern moraine, a small area, was also cut.

(C) To the south-east is the Great Plain area, with a height of only 200 metres.

The terrain of the prefecture is high in the west and low in the east. Most of the area is a broad and expansive high plain. It is an area with flat terrain and no trees, including valleys, streams and canyons. Many small hills rise 30 to 100 meters above the plain, such as the Flint Hills in the east, the Smokey Hills and the Reed Hills in the west. Sunflower Mountain (Sunflower Mountain) in the west, near the Colorado border, is the highest point in the state at 1,231 meters. Flint Hills, meaning Flint Hills, got its name from the area where the Japanese Indians searched for flint to use as arrowheads. To the south, near Oklahoma, the Ferdigris River Valley is 213 meters above sea level, the lowest point in the whole country.