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Concordia University (Concordia University), also translated as Concordia University, was formed in 1974 by the merger of two historic colleges Loyola College (built in 1896) and George William College (built in 1873), located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, known as “Canada’s Tsinghua” said. The school has a long history, high level of teaching and research, complete disciplines, and can grant bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees. Concordia University is one of only three English-taught universities in the French-speaking province of Quebec, the other two being Bishop’s University and McGill University. CONCORDIA University takes its name from the words on the foundation stone of Montreal, “CONCORDIA SALUS”, which means “harmony leads to prosperity”. Concordia University has a long history, keen to develop and catch up, carrying many honors. The school is committed to the enrichment and innovation of teaching and curriculum, and its journalism, business, creative writing and computer science are strong courses. Arts majors include dance, music, theater, film, and cutting-edge multimedia and digital technologies. Many of its graduates from the Department of Film Studies have enjoyed high status and honors in the world. The Women’s Studies major was established in 1978 and was one of the first schools in Canada to offer it. Concordia University has a total of business school, College of arts and Sciences, College of Art, engineering and computer science four schools, its popular departments are finance, politics, psychology, electronic engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. Concordia University adopts an interdisciplinary approach to teaching in close proximity to different disciplines, and carries forward and innovates the tradition of excellent short-term education. Concordia University attaches great importance to the combination of teaching and social needs, and is committed to cultivating talents with rich knowledge and skills, and can quickly become independent. With its location in the North American economy and the modern downtown Sir George Financial Center, Concordia University has established close relationships with companies in various industries. During the study period, international students of Concordia University can apply for on-campus jobs, get internship opportunities, cultivate and exercise local work experience and ability, and lay a good foundation for important jobs after graduation. Every year, more than 2,000 Canadian and internationally renowned companies come to Kenya University to recruit talents, creating a broad job market for graduates. Concordia University focuses on international college connections, and has launched the International College Cooperation Center to develop this trend. Concordia University’s cooperative associations are distributed in the United States, Central and South America, the Caribbean coast, the Pacific coast countries, Africa and most European countries, and its scientific research projects have been greatly developed in the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy and other countries.