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Dalhousie University Degree

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Dalhousie University, founded in 1818, is the third oldest university in Nova Scotia and the fifth oldest university in Canada, and is a member of the U15 University Alliance and the Association of Universities of the United Kingdom.

Dalhousie University is one of Canada’s leading research universities and has the strongest research funding of any university in Atlantic Canada. The university is always located in the top ten research universities in Canada, 13 years by the famous magazine McCaughlin as the seventh medical university.

Dalhousie University has the largest library in the eastern Atlantic provinces. The school’s law school and medical school have a long reputation, training a large number of outstanding politicians, lawyers, doctors, and the Business school was rated by the authoritative Canadian Business magazine “Canadian Business” as one of the top 10 top MBA business schools in Canada in 2013. The university has four campuses, spread across the province in the cities of Halifax and Truro.

Reasons for choosing this school

1, Dalmonsey University is an international university, the school has nearly 400 students from more than 110 different countries at the same time the school has an international student association, campus advisors and professional courses and services to provide comprehensive help to students. Staff and volunteers at the International Centre offer a variety of interesting presentations and cultural events, providing advice and guidance on topics including immigration, health care, finance, travel and personal life. First-year international students are automatically eligible for scholarships offered by the school.

2. Dalmonsey University has a strong academic atmosphere and has made many important academic achievements. The school offers a variety of courses, mainly: accounting, architecture, biology, business, Canadian studies, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, clothing studies, economics, history, kinesiology, law, medicine, and more than 3,500 subjects in the bachelor’s degree program to choose from. Dalmonsey University has the lowest student-faculty ratio of any university in Canada, at 14:1. Students receive a high degree of attention and can study and engage in research under the leadership of world-renowned professors.

3, the campus environment of Dalmonsey University is superior, located in the beautiful harbor city – Halifax. The school is located in the heart of Halifax, a beautiful port city with a close population and less than 2 hours by plane from New York and Toronto. The city has 7 universities, 11 economic and industrial parks, 8 major hospitals, 171 parks, and numerous seaside resorts. The city is also the most important economic, political and cultural center on the East coast of Canada, and is the second largest natural ice-free port in the world, with a developed industrial and commercial and shipping industry. These convenient conditions are conducive to students’ life and study.
Geographical position

Located in the beautiful harbour city of Halifax, Canada, she has a history of 250 years. Located on Canada’s Atlantic coastline, the city has the second largest natural deep-water port in the world and an urban population of 360,000. At The same time, The City of Halifax is the capital of the eastern Canadian province of NovaScotia, and is less than two hours away from Toronto, Boston, New York, and Washington. Due to its key location on the St. Lawrence River in North America, Halifax, a year-round ice-free port, is a major river transportation hub in eastern Canada and the economic lifeblood of Nova Scotia. It is also because of the continuous flow of ships that began in the Great Lakes and Atlantic coasts of North America, so that about 80% of the inhabitants, their ancestors came from Britain or other European countries. With beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, it is a world-famous tourist city and the largest economic, transportation and cultural center in Atlantic Canada. Therefore, it is also the financial, economic and research center of several provinces on the East coast of Canada. The people of Halifax are known for their friendliness and warmth. It combines the prosperity and convenience of a big city with the serenity and friendliness of a small town. Originally located on the site of the present Halifax Town Hall, the school moved to Forester Building in 1886 and gradually expanded into the current Studley campus. Dalhousie University is currently located in the southern part of Halifax city, the campus covers an area of 60 acres, green grass, lush flowers and trees. Heading east, you’ll find the downtown area. A few blocks south, the Atlantic Ocean. The school’s Dahl Technology campus is located in the heart of downtown, just six blocks from the main campus.

The climate of Halifax is the second warmest city in Canada, Spring: March to June; Summer: June to September; Autumn: September to December; Winter: From December to March, the average minimum temperature is about -6 degrees during the day and -9 degrees at night.