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Douglas College (Douglas College) was founded in 1970, the school is one of the largest public colleges in Canada, with three campuses, 25 minutes from Vancouver, each year the school has about 16,000 credit students, 8,500 continuing education students, 3,000 international students from more than 90 countries and regions. Douglas College offers associate diploma, Bachelor’s degree and transfer credit programs.

Douglas College is one of the largest public colleges of higher learning in Canada, established in 1970 and located in British Columbia, Canada. The college is strategically located, with two campuses close to the airport and shopping malls respectively. The new campus is located in the Coquitlam area, with a large campus and perfect teaching facilities. The old campus, New Westminster, is located near the city center, where its ESL center is located. The main specialties offered by the College are: Management Accounting, Accounting, Business, Business Administration, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Financial Services Management, General Business, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Marketing Management, Emerging Business Management, Anthropology, Criminology, Geography, History, Humanities, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Coaching, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology Math, Physical education, physics, Office Assistant, Legal shorthand, Legal secretary, Office Administrative Assistant, Financial Institution secretary, Medical Office Assistant, Office assistant, office Management assistant, etc.

Outside of the classroom, more than 350 faculty members help create a friendly, supportive environment.1. Located in the scenic city of Vancouver, it is a prestigious comprehensive public community college in Canada.2. Founded in 1970, it has nearly 10,000 students (350 overseas students) from more than 30 countries and regions.3. The school has a good geographical location: the two campuses are close to the airport and a large shopping center respectively; The new campus is located in Coquitlam area, with large school buildings and perfect teaching facilities. The old campus, New Westminster, is located near the city center, where its ESL center is located.4, provide a variety of transfer credit academic courses, a variety of vocational courses and ESL training.5. High quality education with high admission requirements.6, compared with the university, has the advantage of small classes, and the cost is lower than the university.7. Smooth transition from ESL to professional courses.8, three semesters a year, consistent with many universities such as SFU.9. Good admission record: more than 1,000 Douglas graduates transfer to universities each year, most of which are enrolled in UBC, SFU, Victoria10. Perfect international student service system.11. Strong teaching staff and complete facilities.12.Douglas International Student Scholarship: Douglas does not offer admission awards, but you can apply for CAD1000 scholarships for 10 places and CAD500 scholarships for 40 places after completing 24 credits at Douglas.