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Educational discrimination

Educational discrimination refers to the unfair treatment and evaluation of people with different educational backgrounds in society. This phenomenon may exist for the following reasons:

  1. Uneven educational resources: In some areas, educational resources are insufficient, resulting in some people unable to receive high-quality education, thus affecting their academic level.
  2. Social cognitive bias: Some people think that highly educated people are smarter and more capable, while the opposite is true for people with less education. This cognitive bias may be caused by social culture, family education and other factors.
  3. Unreasonable recruitment standards: Some companies overemphasize academic qualifications while ignoring other abilities and qualities when recruiting. This practice may exclude some excellent talents, thus affecting the development of the enterprise.
  4. Correlation between education and social status: In some societies, education is closely correlated with social status. Therefore, some people may think that people with higher education have more status and are more respected.
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In order to eliminate educational discrimination, we need to strengthen educational equity and improve people’s educational level. At the same time, we also need to change the social cognitive bias towards academic qualifications, establish more just recruitment standards, and let everyone have the opportunity to show their ability and quality