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Brandeis University Diploma

Brandeis is on a hill divided into the upper campus

And lower campus, if you accidentally live in the foot of the mountain or the mountainside, but choose the classroom is on the top of the mountain, will be very healthy to climb the mountain every day.

Brandeis is located in Waltham, and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to go to the city by car. The school provides shuttle. Waltham is a quiet and peaceful town with supermarkets and various restaurants, so life is quite convenient.

The school has two dining halls, Usdan and Sherman. Because of Judaism

The custom is that the canteen will have a separate kosher area. But the overall flavor of the food is more complicated.

As far as safety is concerned, the overall feeling is very safe, there are always campus police cars patrolling, and there are Emergency buttons throughout the school.

There is also the issue of housing, which is a common concern. Freshmen and sophomores are guaranteed housing, and seniors are determined by lottery every spring. Housing is mandatory for freshmen, who are typically assigned to either the Massell Quad, which is near Sherman, or the North Quad, which is near Usdan. The school seemed to be divided by age, and there were some older students in my class assigned to the East Quad.

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North is relatively new to this group of dormitories. There are about three residential buildings in each quad. The rooms are usually double or single, but some students are lucky enough to get a single room.

Each floor will have a CA, which can provide assistance in life. Communal bathing room. There is heating. Then the better accommodation building is ziv

, village, and the newest skyline, but these are more difficult to apply for, usually junior and senior year will apply for.

Business and biochemistry are strong subjects in the school. The engineering program has a partnership with Columbia, three years at Brandeis, two years at Columbia. There may be a maximum of 200 students in a lecture. The professors in Brandeis are very friendly. You can contact them as long as you want, which is also the advantage of small scale.

What surprises me most is that Brandeis’ major is not fixed, and students can design their own major with the help of advisor. In addition, the school pays more attention to the academic adaptation of international students.

Some international students take a six-week summer orientation course on speaking, reading, writing, religion, race and discrimination.

According to our performance in the adaptation course, we need to take Composition or ESL courses to further assist us. Although there was an extra cost, the program teachers were very responsible and helpful to my overall adjustment in freshman year.

Brandeis is a very friendly community. The school attaches great importance to the life experience of international students in Brandeis. Moreover, the students are very friendly. I hardly ever hear of discrimination. The overall atmosphere is very warm to me.


There are three Chinese student associations, CSSA, BC3 and GCC. Now I work in BC3 and mainly hold some fun activities, while GCC will hold some academic activities.

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