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How is the graduation certificate anti-counterfeiting?

At present, the general graduation certificate is from four aspects to prevent,counterfeiting.

First, the paper of the certificate. Paper using anti-counterfeiting water printing paper; Use anti-counterfeiting design software to design relief pattern, anti-counterfeiting lace, anti-counterfeiting group flowers, miniatures and other anti-counterfeiting; Professional technical printing; The use of special edition customized anti-counterfeiting paper (containing metal wire, invisible fiber, etc.), these are a better way to prevent counterfeiting. General use of special certificate paper, the main raw material is cotton pulp, sometimes mixed with some hemp pulp, chemical wood pulp, etc. The requirements for this kind of paper are high strength, especially the folding resistance of more than thousands of times, and have greater water resistance, suitable for gravure printing. To prevent forgery, the paper is marked with a watermark or sandwiched with “ribbons” (synthetic fibers).

Second, from the printing process to prevent counterfeiting. Through the use of color-changing ink, fluorescent ink and other special ink, colorless fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink printing, the naked eye can not see, to see under fluorescent light, to improve the certificate of imitation difficulty. Special anti-counterfeiting inks (fluorescent ink, watermark ink, infrared excitation ink, dazzling-light ink, light-sensitive ink, OVI ink) are used. Four-color printing, spot color printing, rainbow printing or gravure printing are generally adopted. buy fake degree.

The third and most important one is the number on the diploma. The number is searchable from the Internet and is bound to the identity card, which is the core security part of the diploma. get fake CISSP Certificate

Fourth, the principal’s signature and the school seal, but the anti-counterfeiting effect is not obvious. Recently, there has been a change in the graduation certificate: the information of the educational certificate should be combined with the unified supervision template to generate the electronic certificate, which is automatically generated by the electronic Certificate supervision system of the Ministry of Education. After all the registration information of academic certificate is confirmed, the certification system shall apply to the local supervision system of the ministry. After online verification, the template (two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting) containing unique identification and security password will be issued in real time. buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript.

Above is the relevant interpretation of the graduation certificate anti-counterfeiting. Security certificate is still upgraded, with the latest perspective, combined with policy requirements, customer needs, design a customer satisfaction solution. “Customer first, embrace change” is the business philosophy, and is willing to create a win-win situation with you in the next road. buy fake CISSP Certificate

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