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Introduction to Cambridge University International Examinations Board Qualification Certification

University of Cambridge International Examinations Certificate

CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) is one of the world’s leading international accreditation and examinations examinations. According to the international educational and cultural needs, CIE issues a wide range of qualifications, and strives to make these qualifications interesting and practical. Buy fakeUniversity of Cambridge International Examinations Certificate. We also strive to ensure that CIE qualifications are widely recognized by universities, educational institutions and enterprises around the world. CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) is a not-for-profit organization affiliated with UCLES Examinations, open to the public. Cambridge Examinations Department has successfully launched IELTS, BEC, KET, PET and buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate, buy fake degree. With hundreds of years of experience in the education industry, Cambridge Examinations is recognized as one of the most authoritative international examination institutions in modern times. CIE offers international programmes and qualifications for young people aged 5-19. Cambridge Vocational Qualification Certificate is recognized internationally by more than 450 universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, including Harvard, Yale, MIT and other world-famous universities, as well as many higher education institutions around the world. Getting the Cambridge Vocational qualification certificate is equivalent to having basically obtained the admission qualification of the relevant majors in these institutions, and even obtaining corresponding credits in these schools. In some schools, one year of undergraduate study can be avoided. purchase fake University of Cambridge International Examinations Certificate, order fake University of Cambridge International Examinations Certificate.

With a history of 150 years, Cambridge Assessment is a department of the University of Cambridge. It is the world’s most famous educational and educational assessment agency. It has three direct departments, namely:

OCR: Provides GCSE, A Level qualification and vocational qualification courses for British students;

ESOL: Provides a range of internationally recognised language tests around the world. Including IELTS, Cambridge Business English, Booz, Cambridge Young Learners English, Cambridge General English Level 5 and English Teacher Qualification Certificate;

CIE: Provides IGCSE, A Level, O Level, Pre-U and Cambridge International Vocational Qualification courses for international students.

CIE’s full name is University of Cambridge International Examinations, in our country it is Cambridge International Examinations. CIE’s qualification courses are internationally recognized, with international schools in 150 countries offering CIE’s IGCSE, A Level and other international courses in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America, Central and South America and Africa.

The University of Cambridge International Examinations cie course benefits

1. Learn and master the post standards and working methods of managers at the decision-making level of enterprises, and set basic goals and management platforms for the development of enterprises;

2. Integrate the internationally accepted management professional standards and working methods with the management background of Zhongye, and seek ideas and methods to solve the problems of the enterprise;

3. Interactive learning and communication with outstanding industrial and commercial personnel, building a sharing network of ideas and business opportunities;

4. Complete the overall financial planning and implementation plan of the enterprise;

5. Obtained “CIE International Professional Qualification Certificate for Financial Management in Business/Management (Advanced Professional Level)” jointly issued by Cambridge University International Examination Committee and Vocational Skills Appraisal Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. This certificate has been registered and approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China (Approval document Letter [2003] 343, the registration number of the certificate is [2003] 003). The international vocational qualification certificate registered and approved has the same legal effect as the relevant vocational qualification certificate. The registration approval document for the Cambridge Certificate and the Certificate of the Certified trainee.

6. After being accredited by the University of Cambridge and getting the certificate, you will get the relevant vocational competence certification issued by the Department of Labor and Social Security (equivalent to vocational qualification Level 1).

7. “CFO Position Certificate” issued by China Certification Center for Vocational/Professional Qualifications of Cambridge University.

8. Students may attend the annual Conferment Ceremony at the University of Cambridge.