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Northumbria University is One of the Largest Universities in the UK

The University of Northumbria at Newcastle (Northumbria University) is one of the largest universities in the UK and is renowned for its excellent teaching quality. Founded in 1870 as the Rutherford School of Engineering, buy fake Northumbria University Diploma, it became Newcastle Institute of Technology from 1969 until it merged into a university in 1992. Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, the large number of students at the university injects vitality and energy into the area and gives the city a friendly atmosphere. The UK’s official assessment body rated the school’s business administration, English, law, sociology, modern languages, drama and primary education subjects as highly qualified. Buy fake diploma, The main campus of Northumbria University is located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which is easily accessible by road, rail and air. The other two campuses are in London and Amsterdam. London is less than three hours by train from Newcastle, which also has flights to London and other major European cities. The countryside just outside Newcastle offers some of the most beautiful scenery in England. Buy fake Northumbria University degree, buy fake Northumbria University transcript.

School Features

1. First-class research and teaching achievements

The university has been ranked among the best in the overall University rankings in the UK over the years. It ranks 97th in the world in the ranking of Young universities under 50 years of establishment published by the most authoritative British newspaper Times in 2019, 48th in the Guardian University Rankings in 2018, and 351-400 in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2020. The university has been a world leader in the research of photovoltaic cells and other specialties. The mission of the University is to provide students overseas with a value-for-money education that minimizes the burden of tuition and accommodation costs. It is worth mentioning that former British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR graduated from the university with a PhD. Business Information Technology (BIT) is ranked first in the UK and cultivates business and computer IT elites.

2. Extensive curriculum

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 200 specialties, including five schools of Engineering, Science and Technology, Business, Social Sciences, Health Care, Social Work and Education, and Art and Design. The university’s law, English and business management have been awarded excellence in all the Higher Education Funding Council for England’s teaching Quality Assessment surveys.

3. First-class teaching facilities

The school library has a large collection of books, periodicals and electronic books, as well as computers for online inquiry. The fully equipped computer lab is open 7 days a week for easy access by students. The school has a number of societies and clubs as well as the student union, and has advanced facilities and perfect sports and fitness places.

4. Abundant extracurricular activities and abundant interaction among students

The school opens a variety of clubs for students to choose from, including ECO NUS, Kendo, fighting, PSS Speech, etc., which provides students with rich choices for their extracurricular life.

Professional Setting

Subjects: Art and Design, Architecture, Business Management, Drama, Dance and Film Arts, Economics, Education, Power and Electronic Engineering, English, Real Estate and Property Management, Law, Medical related Subjects, Modern Languages, Nursing, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology.

Undergraduate Major: Industrial Design, Fashion, Fashion Marketing, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, 3D Design (Furniture and Decoration/Jewelry and Crafts), Transport Design, Design Practice, Art History and Fine Arts, American and American Culture, English, English and Women’s Culture, English and Film, English and History, History and Politics, History and Sociology, Art History and History, Modern Art History, Design and Film, History and French, Art History and Informatics, Information and Communication Management, Applied Biology, Applied Life Sciences, Biomedicine, Biomedicine and Chemistry, Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Protection Science, Business Computing, Industrial Computing, Computing Research, Network Computing, Multimedia Computing, Applied Business Computing, Mathematics, Mathematics and Business Administration, Mathematics and Statistics, Applied Physics , Optoelectronic Engineering, Computer and Network Technology, Engineering and Business Research, International Business and Technology, Product Design Technology, Communication and Electronic Engineering, Power and Electronic Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering, Production Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design and Technology, Electronic Systems Design Engineering, etc.

Northumbria University Diploma

Master’s Degree: Design, Culture and Art Management, Fine Arts Preservation, Creation, Cultural History, Art Management, Fine Arts, Information and Library Management, Information and Archives Management, Information Research, Archives Management, Contemporary French Studies, Contemporary Spanish Studies, Contemporary French and Spanish Studies, Interior Decoration Strategy and Management, Architecture/Property/Energy and Environment, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Monitoring and Control, Biomedical, Computing, Electronic Commerce Technology, Software and Information Systems Design, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optoelectronics and Communication Systems, Production Engineering, Microelectronics, Primary/secondary education, Mental Health, Nursing, Public Health, Occupational Health Education, Systems practice, Child care, Social welfare and social work, Social Health and welfare Institution management, Vocational guidance Coaching and Consulting, Strategy and Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, MBA, International Business Management, Management Development, Business Information Technology, Business Information Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Tourism Management, etc.

Newcastle Business School: Newcastle Business School is an affiliate of Northumbria University. Newcastle Business School is accredited by many of the world’s leading business schools, including EPAS, AACSB and AMBA, and offers undergraduate education in business, management, leadership and business administration. The high quality of its modern education and the high employment rate of its students after graduation have led to Newcastle Business School being voted the Best Business School in the UK by Times Higher Education 2015.