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Fake Achievement Measurement 2 Certificate

Achievement Measurement 2 Certificate

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The AM2 Electrician Vocational Competency Assessment is designed for individuals who wish to work as electricians or maintain electricians. It indicates that they have industry-expected levels of competence in the following key career areas: Interpretation of specifications, drawings and diagrams. Risk assessment and health and safety. Plan and prepare the installation, termination and connection of the identified wiring system. Secure isolation. Install, end and connect identified wiring systems. Inspection, testing and certification.

Electrical fault diagnosis and troubleshooting. Understand and apply industry-accepted procedures, working practices, and statutory and non-statutory regulatory requirements. The AM2 test is designed to enable individuals to demonstrate their process capabilities in designated subject areas related to the duties and responsibilities associated with a supervisor electrician. AM2 test candidates are assessed by qualified, competent, and registered AM2 test examiners, and each candidate must demonstrate to the examiners that he/she has the level of basic knowledge and practical skills necessary to meet nationally recognized standards. In addition to this, each candidate must consistently demonstrate that they are competent and can demonstrate the ability to work in a safe and effective manner and comply with all requirements set out in relevant health and safety legislation. Satisfactory results in the AM2 test will provide evidence for the Practice Performance Assessment (PPA) requirements specified in the Level 3 National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). It can also be used to meet the classification and membership requirements of Joint Industry Committees (JIB) or other similar quality control/industry recognition organizations.