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Where Can I Buy Fake American Council on Exercise Certificate?

ACE Certificate, Fake ACE Certificate

ACE Certificate

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Founded in 1985, the American Council on Exercise is the world’s largest non-profit fitness certification organization and has trained more than 65,000 internationally certified professionals in many countries around the world. ACE is recognized by the National Commission forCertifyingAgencies (NCCA), one of fewer than 10 accredited accrediting agencies in the United States. ACE, NSCA, ACSM and NASM are known as the four authoritative international sports and fitness organizations Ace-cpt is the most widely accepted personal trainer certification in the world, with the highest application approval rate ACE has a very complete physical fitness curriculum. training more than 65,000 internationally certified professionals in many countries and regions around the world. 

ACE is one of fewer than 10 certifying agencies in the United States recognized by the National Commission forCertifyingAgencies (NCCA).

ACE, NSCA, ACSM, NASM and known as the international four authoritative sports and fitness institutions

ACE-CPT is the most widely used and recognized personal trainer certification in the world

ACE has a very complete physical fitness course system, including:

a. Personal trainer professional certification

(PersonalTrainer Certification)

b. Professional Certification of group class coach

(GroupFitness Instructor)

c. Health instructor professional certification

(Health Coach Certification)

d. Medical fitness specialists

(MedicalExercise Specialist)

2. Why choose ACE-CPT certificate?

ACE-CPT certification curriculum system is very complete. In addition to the scientific knowledge system (anatomy, physiology, energetics, nutrition), it is more important to learn psychology, to help students to establish a good understanding with members, and to lead members to scientific movement, which is the most direct difference from other training systems.

In addition to the complete training curriculum system, FIT Greater China’s ACE translated Chinese textbooks have also become a reference book that can accompany coaches throughout their career. When meeting different types of members, you can find the answers you want from this textbook.

3. What is the main content of the ACE test?

The official ACE test is the theory test, and the test venue will be arranged by a third party designated by ACE. The test venue will be notified about 15 days after submitting the test application. The test duration is 4.5 hours, and there are 125 multiple choice questions (all questions are translated in Chinese and English). If you score 600 points, you will have the chance to win the free 6-day selection of the tutor training organized by Xinchun FIT.