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Fake APIIT Degree in Malaysia

APIIT Technology Park Malaysia Degree, Buy Fake APIIT Technology Park Malaysia Degree

APIIT Technology Park Malaysia Degree

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Asia Pacific University of Science and Technology is one of the best universities in Malaysia. Its predecessor is apiit, APUST HAS created more than 14,000 outstanding graduates with high professional quality in Malaysia and Asia, and has a high reputation in product research and development. Atust currently offers nationally standardized undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science, engineering, information technology, news media, corporate technology, business services and online games. The overall goal is to shape students into professionals in all aspects of their expertise and technology, and ultimately to set them up for success. According to your hard work over the years, in recent years, we have achieved remarkable achievements in the employment of university graduates, the new project of student scientific research and development (software development), the content of aggregated education courses and joint training courses, and the learning and training of students’ professional abilities.

UCTI/APIIT (Asia Pacific University of Science and Technology Malaysia) is located in the Malaysian Science and Technology Park, the business and information center of Malaysia. Ucti /APIIT was established in 1993 and has around 5,000 students and 300 faculty members. UCTI is the fastest growing centre of information technology and computing higher education in Malaysia, offering specialist, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes focusing on computing, business and information technology. UCTI graduates are well received by the public and are employed by the world’s leading companies. The UCTI diploma is recognised by many leading universities in the UK and Australia, allowing students to transfer overseas for further study. It is one of the official institutions recommended by the Education Union of Malaysia.

Funded by Sapura Group, APTEC is accredited by the Ministry of Education and supported by the Ministries of Science, Science and Environment of Malaysia to provide a prestigious IT education in the region. Over the years, Asia-Pacific University of Science and Technology has achieved extraordinary achievements.

According to experts from Study Abroad 360, APTEC ranked first among Malaysian educational institutions in 2007 in terms of graduate employment rate, student research and development projects (software development), intensive education courses and co-run courses, and professional training for students.

Popular majors: Science and Technology Management, Software Engineering, Information technology, mobile electronic systems, E-commerce, MBA(information technology).

Tuition/Schooling: One year for postgraduate students, with tuition of about 70,000 yuan/year. She has a double degree from Staffordshire University and Asia-Pacific University of Science and Technology.