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AQA Certificate

AQA- The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance is jointly funded by The Associated Examining Board and The Northern Examinations Assessment Board Northern Examinations and Assessment Board (Northern Examinations and Assessments Board) is one of the UK’s three examinations bodies with a global reputation, buy fake AQA Certificate, having merged in April 2000. AQA is an independent non-profit accrediting organization. AQA’s global examination categories include GCSE, GCE, GNVQ, VCE, Entry Level and dozens of others, fake AQA Certificate, with a total of more than 75 million candidates around the world. AQA, as the leader of the UK A-levels curriculum and exam reform, has put forward constructive suggestions for the reform of A-levels and exams, order fake AQA Certificate, shopping fake AQA Certificate, focusing on students’ understanding of knowledge and developing students’ ability to use knowledge to solve problems. AQA also provides management strategies, such as incentives and evaluations for higher education. AQA provides external marketing services to schools on behalf of QCA, and conducts secondary and tertiary testing and seventh year upgrade testing. How to Buy Fake AQA Certificate?

AQA instructs teachers at various levels and holds approximately 1,500 conferences each year, with more than 50,000 teachers from all over the world attending. AQA provides full support to test administrators participating in its various testing programs, designing and listening to solutions to various management problems in program workshops.

AQA is a member of the General Assembly of the UK Joint Committee for Qualifications Assessment and is responsible for initiating and convening the 2002 and 2003 assessments. After the excellent completion of the work, all the work results have been published in various brochures, databases, exam results sheets and other documents. The operating procedures and various works are completely consistent with the national standards set by QCA.

AQA has various project committees, which hold regular seminars to discuss management, service and project development. Whether it is a general discussion or a professional discussion, whether it is a personal interest or a rich teaching or assessment experience, you are welcome here.

The board has a large number of members who serve as assessors for the assessment and certification of qualifications working around the world.

AQA committees include: Finance Committee, Education and Training Committee, Research Committee and Quality Assurance Committee, all committee members must be nominated by the National Department of Education.

AQA’s Certificate in English Language Skills(ESOL),Jet Set,assesses and rewards positive achievement in the acquisition of English.

The assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is the largest of the UK’s three Unitary Awarding Bodies.

It is an independent company,limited by guarantee,and a charity.