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Assumption University Certificate

Assumption University Certificate, Buy Fake Assumption University Certificate

Assumption University Certificate

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Assumption University of Thailand (ABAC)

In 1972, Assumption Business Administration College (ACBC) was formally established with the approval of Thailand’s Ministry of Education. In May 1975, the College was authorized by the Office of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. In 1990, the Higher Education Office of the Ministry of Education officially approved the university’s name change to Yisancang University.

Isancura University is a non-profit teaching institution managed by an international Catholic Church organization called Brothers of St.Gabriel, which was founded in 1705 by St.Louis Marie De Montfort and is dedicated to educational and charitable activities. Since 1901 the organization has opened several educational institutions in Thailand.

Inspired by the inspiration of Christ, the pursuit of truth and knowledge, the purpose of serving human society, especially the creative use of interdisciplinary teaching methods and computer technology, Isocura University has become an international community of scholars.

School-running philosophy

Faithful to the mission of Christ, the University adheres to the following philosophy

Teach students respect for the religion of the country, respect for their own country, respect for the king, respect for democratic and free life

Cultivate the belief that people prove their existence through noble labor

Undertake the obligation to guide people to acquire knowledge and understand the true meaning of life

School-running goal

The University adheres to the principle of serving the nation by providing its people with knowledge in the natural sciences and the humanities, especially interdisciplinary approaches and research in the fields of business education and management science.

In order to achieve this goal, the University strives to produce graduates with the following qualities:

Good character, open mind, continuous growth

Value freedom of speech, and absorb the right ideas and consciousness through the study of ethics, natural science, business management and language.

Through hard work, careful thinking and effective decision-making, I have achieved excellent academic results

School motto: Labor Omnia Vincit