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Fake Assumption University Envelope

ption University Envelope

Assumption University Envelope

Assumption University (AU) is the first international university in Thailand. I think our school is selfless. Do you know what the school gave us? Is the knowledge, is the power! We grew from a child who did not know anything to an outstanding student today, and every bit of progress is permeated by the school to our efforts. The ancients said: “The book mountain road for the path, learning the sea without cliff bitter boat.” Is the school let us find the trick of learning, more let us find that belongs to our happiness in learning. We are a boat to sail, the school gave us a sail, with the sail we can go further, will see a wider world. If you want to graduate here successfully, you will have to study hard, pass the exam and get the Assumption University transcript so that you can get the Assumption University Diploma issued to you by the school. But if you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter, you can also get it through our help: fake Assumption University Diploma, fake Assumption University Envelope and fake Assumption University transcript.

It is also the first institution of higher learning in Thailand to adopt English-only teaching. It is also the largest and most prestigious private university in Thailand. It is a comprehensive university with modern management level and a prestigious institution of higher learning in the world. It has a long history, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. In 1901, the French missionary St. Gabriel came to Thailand and founded this missionary school, which preached the relentless pursuit of knowledge and virtue.

Learn at Assumption University

1) Teaching environment The university has the best hardware equipment and teaching facilities in Asia and even the world, including four large libraries with more than 200,000 books, international conference center, computer center and church for academic exchange. Sports facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, multiple football, basketball, tennis courts, students enjoy free.

2) The flexible school system combines with the actual situation of Thailand to offer many different types and models of international courses, which forms the unique education model of Thailand. These courses and subjects have been widely recognized not only by the Ministry of Education and society of Immersion Learning in Thailand, but also by China and other European and American countries.

3) Campus Management The school requires students to strictly implement all rules and regulations. Smoking and drinking are prohibited on campus, and students are required to wear uniform for exams and formal occasions.

4) Small class International Assumption teaching is different from the large class mode of ordinary universities in China. Instead, it adopts small class teaching, group discussion and encourages students to challenge teachers and other students by expressing their own opinions. At the same time, in combination with the large-scale lectures of some courses, the lecturers are mainly senior people in the industry or politicians from all walks of life hired by Yisancang. The class size is usually about 20 students, both local Thai students and international students from other countries. You can see overseas students everywhere on the campus of Yi SAN Cang, and have a storm of realization with them.

5) Remarkable teaching results For more than 30 years, Yisancang University has always adhered to rigorous teaching and a positive and open attitude in running schools, sending batches of outstanding graduates to enterprises and society.