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Order Fake AUSTRALIA Driving License

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AUSTRALIA Driving License

The driving test in Australia, First of all, you need to pass a written test. The questions of the written test can be simulated on the official website of RTA. After passing the written test, buy fake AUSTRALIA Driving License, you can get the Learner’s license (L plate), and then you can start to learn to drive. However, you can’t drive alone at this stage, you need someone with a full license to sit in the passenger seat with you. fake AUSTRALIA Driving License, After completing 120 hours of driving learning, you can take the road test. You need to go to RTA to apply for the road test. If you pass the road test, you can get a license that allows you to drive alone. In the New States, there are different grades of driver’s license, the first year, it’s a red P plate; In year two, it’s a green P; Three years later, order fake AUSTRALIA Driving License, take fake AUSTRALIA Driving License, it will be a Full License.

Provisional Licence (P) Provisional Licence: Three-year Full Licence: It is valid for five years, but the only painful point is that you must learn to drive more than 120 hours in the exam, take the red P test for at least 12 months, take the green P test for at least 24 months, and take the FL (Full License) test. That is, in Australia, it takes more than three years to get all the exams.

If you already have a permanent Resident visa (PR) in Australia, be aware that Vicroads have different requirements for those who have PR.

Valid for driving:

If your PR visa is issued overseas, you are allowed to drive in Victoria with an overseas driving licence within 6 months from the date of entry. If your PR visa is issued domestically, then 6 months is defined as “6 months from the date of issue of the visa”. After the legal six months, you must obtain a Victoria driver’s license before you can legally drive on the road.

Of course, during this six-month period, if you are driving with a non-English version of your overseas driving license, you must also have a valid translation of your overseas driving license, just like temporary visa holders.

It is also important to note that only Victoria allows temporary visa holders to legally drive with an overseas licence for 6 months, compared to 3 months (90 days in South Australia) elsewhere. After the validity period expires, you have only two options: stop driving or get a local license.

In Australia, there are four types of driving licence – L plate, P1 (red P), P2 (green P) and Full plate.

If you want to obtain an Australian driving licence, the L-plate is the first step. Anyone over the age of 16 can apply for an L license.

First of all, you need to apply and make an appointment to take the computer test. You need to answer 25 of the 32 questions correctly to pass the L-card test. In addition, there is no need to worry about the language, because the test can be Chinese (Mandarin).

Note, however, that the L-card computer examination results are valid for 12 months. After the eye test is done and the fee is paid, the Learner Permit Card is available!

Driving with an L license will have the following restrictions:

A Full Licence holder must accompany the driver. It is not recommended that other passengers ride in the car, and the practice time should not exceed 2 hours each time to ensure safety.

Be sure to drive with your Learner Permit Card, and hang the yellow L logo on the front and back of the car, making sure it can be clearly seen from 20 meters away.

The breathalyzer test must be 0.

Strictly obey the road speed limit.

The L-plate will be held for a period of time based on your driving time and age.

P – Probationary Driver Licence

You can apply for a P license if you are over the age of 18 and have an L license without any suspended license or criminal record.

The criteria for applying for P plates are also different for different ages:

Under 21 years old:

To apply for a P plate, you must have held an L plate for more than 12 months and have passed no less than 120 hours of escorted driving, including 20 hours of night driving.

21 to 25 years old:

Must have held L plate for at least 6 months.

Over 25 years old:

You can apply for a P plate after holding an L plate for at least 3 months.

Once these conditions are met, the Hazard Perception Test and the Drive Test will begin. The risk perception test can only be taken twice a day, and if you pass the test, your score will be informed on the spot. After passing the test, you can book a road test the same day. Pass the road test and pay the fee, and you have your P card! However, it should be noted that you must drive your own car or coach to the test. Vicroads does not provide test vehicles