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Fake Bangor University Certificate

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Bangor University Certificate

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Bangor University was founded on 18 October 1884 as University College of North Wales (UCNW). Students are educated here, with degrees awarded by the University of London. In 1893, Bangor joined the federal University of Wales as one of the three founding universities, and began to award degrees under the name of the University of Wales. The University was also renamed the University of Wales, Bangor, UWB. Bangor did not have a separate campus when it was founded. In 1903, the City Hall donated 10 acres of land to the university for the construction of the campus, and local citizens also donated generously to the university. The foundation stone was laid in Bangor in 1907, and four years later, in 1911, major buildings including the Library, the Academy of Arts and the Academy of Social Sciences were completed. Students began to study on separate campuses, and the buildings have been preserved.

During the second world war, a large number of art treasures were transferred from London’s National galleries and galleries to Bangor, where they were safely displayed in Prichard-Jones Hall, safe from the German bombing. Students at University College London were evacuated to the relative safety of Bangor to continue their studies.

In 2007, the University of Wales was exposed as an academic scandal, and the university federation is increasingly split. Bangor declared independence from Abel University in September 2007. The independent school would award degrees under the name Bangor University.

In March 2021, the UK Alliance of Professional Universities of Excellence was launched.

More than 20 related departments of Bangor University are divided into four colleges. In recent years, the Marine science department of Bangor University is not only the largest in the UK, but also won the title of National Outstanding Professional Center. The University also offers unique environmental science majors, including forestry science, agricultural resource management and environmental ecology.

The University of Wales at Bangor is recognized worldwide for its courses in banking, accounting and management, and highly regarded for its correspondence courses in Business Administration. The departments of electrical engineering, chemistry, and psychology are distinguished by innovative teaching and research.

The University of Wales at Bangor also offers degree courses in new specialities: criminology, women’s Studies, business and social organisation management, leisure tourism.