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Fake Bielefeld University Degree

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Bielefeld University Degree

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Bielefeld University is a comprehensive standard university located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The university was founded and put into use in 1969 AD. In the German university system, it can be regarded as a university of the new system in Germany after the introduction of the Anglo-American school system in Germany. At the same time, Bielefeld University is the only comprehensive university of comparable rank in the Minden Ravensberg region of the State. In addition, the Department of Sociology of Bielefeld University is the only institution dedicated to the study of social issues for the Confederacy, and the department of History also has its own important value. In addition, the department of sociology combined with the department of sociology provides research experience for the Confederate government, which is not inferior to the department of Sociology. Other departments, such as philosophy and education, can also be counted as key professional departments of the university.

City profile

Bielefeld University is located in the forest of Toyborg in North Rhine-Westphalia. With 20,000 residential areas, it is one of Germany’s 20 largest cities. The city has developed into the center of the eastern economic region of the Westfalenregion with a population of 2 million. In Bielefeld, one of the key areas of machinery manufacturing, in addition to the textile industry and clothing industry, food industry and paper industry has a number of internationally renowned enterprises. The electronic technology industry and the transportation industry constitute the key industries of Bielefeld.

Faculty setting

Bielefeld University has 14 departments: Biology, Chemistry, History and Philosophy, Health Sciences, Linguistics, Mathematics, Education, Physics, Psychology and Physical Education, Law, Sociology, Technical Engineering, Theology and Geography, Arts and Music, and Economics.

Specialty setting

English Language and Literature; Enterprise management; Biochemistry; Chemistry; Christian theology and its teaching; Geography; Germanic literature; History; Informatics; Natural Science Informatics; Catholic theology and its teaching; Art pedagogy; Latin; Linguistics; Clinical linguistics; Literature; Mathematics; Molecular biology; Music pedagogy; Eastern European Studies; Education; Philosophy; Physics; Psychology; Jurisprudence; Romance Language and Literature (French); Sociology; Spanish and Latin American Studies; Physical education; Environmental science; Mathematics of national economy; Mathematics; Economics.