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Bologna University fake diploma

Bologna University diploma

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University of Bologna (Italian: Universita di Bologna; English: University of Bologna is an international top comprehensive university located in Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, founded in 1088 AD – the Holy Roman Empire period, is widely recognized in the world, with a complete university system and the development of the first university, known as the “mother of the world university”. The University of Bologna is recognized as the oldest university in the world, and together with the University of Oxford in the UK, the University of Paris in France, and the University of Salamanca in Spain, it is called the “four major cultural centers in Europe”. In medieval and modern Europe, where Latin was the main lingua franca for scholarship and research, the University of Bologna maintained a central position in the development of European culture and scholarship and led the reform of the European university system.

The University of Bologna is also called the University of Bologna or the University of Bologna in Italian Alma Mater Studiorum Universitadi Recognized as the oldest university school in the Western world, BolognaUNIBO offers a diverse campus structure with 23 faculties and 68 departments and 5 campuses located in the city of Bologna, Chienna Floravena and Rimini respectively. The goal of the school is to create an educational system with 32 models of educational autonomy while strengthening students’ flexibility and providing vocational training to enhance students’ social experience. At present, the University of Bologna has a total of 2,500 teachers, of which 540 are full professors, about 110 are associate professors, about 740 are associate professors, and 240 are various researchers Shi Advanced.

Each faculty of the University of Bologna has its own laboratory and electrochemical classrooms, the Astronomy Faculty also has its own observatory, and the Faculty of Medicine has clinical clinics for various disciplines. The university library system has a huge collection of rich books and focuses on literature and history, the total collection of 1 million volumes and subscribes to 2,500 kinds of newspapers and periodicals. The university library system consists of three levels of network – University Network, College network and research center network.

The University of Bologna also has a historical archive containing a large number of important documents from the founding of the university, which are useful for the study of the modern higher education system. The University of Bologna also has about 30 museums and a botanical garden, among which the more famous are the astronomy Museum, the Geological museum, the mineral Museum, the physics museum, the zoological museum, the human museum, the anatomy museum and the pathology Museum, so the University of Bologna is also known as the “Museum University”.