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Fake British Columbia Institute of Technology Transcript


British Columbia Institute of Technology Transcript

Returning to the campus again, I walked quietly in the quiet corridor of this ancient campus, and could feel the breath of our predecessors for decades, which seemed to be shuttling and flowing, profound and wise. This is what we regard as a treasure of inheritance and strive for all the connotation and reason. And, of course, love. With the wishes of friends and relatives, with new expectations, farewell home warm harbor, we walked into the warm and cold campus. All the flowers bloom here, year after year, year after year. In fact, this season is the most colorful, and closest to the reality of life. Because of this season, we have retreat, also have a struggle; There is togetherness, there is separation; There is forget, there is a lifetime can not forget the memory. This is our college life, passionate, mysterious, beautiful and pure! The school not only has beautiful scenery, but also rich culture. Being in such a beautiful and cultural school gives you a deep sense of belonging. The school’s British Columbia Institute of Technology diploma and British Columbia Institute of Technology transcript are beautifully produced, which makes people want to get it after reading it. Even if it’s just getting a fake British Columbia Institute of Technology diploma, fake British Columbia Institute of Technology transcript and fake British Columbia Institute of Technology degree. Getting them will also make you feel extremely happy.

British Columbia Institute of Technology is Canada’s largest comprehensive institute of technology. Founded in 1960, the university is located in Vancouver, a beautiful city on the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean. BICT aims to inspire students to excel and provide graduates who meet the job needs of Canada and the world. BCIT’s renowned model of applied education and training is significant to the prosperity of British Columbia and Canada. BICT has become a leader in education, offering business, technical and vocational training programs that lead students to top careers. The British Columbia Institute of Technology is Canada’s largest public, comprehensive institution of employment-oriented education and training. It offers more than 250 full-time, part-time, and distance learning programs leading to certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and bachelor’s degrees. British Institute of Technology has one of the highest graduate employment rates in Canada. 


The school also offers admission scholarships for international students with excellent academic performance. The scholarships range from $900 to $3,000 per student for 10 scholarships per year. The deadline for applying for the scholarship is March 31 each year.

Requirements for Admission

1. High school diploma or study certificate;

2. English score: IELTS 6.5 (no less than 6.0 for each item) or TOEFL iBT 91;

3. If a student does not have a language score, he/she may also enroll in a preparatory course for international students.

4. Some courses, such as engineering, have higher requirements for high school mathematics and physics. If the student’s score in science is not satisfactory, he can enter the technology entry first.

Time of Admission

On-campus (Certificate or technical courses)

January and September (courses leading to Bachelor’s degree)

1. High school diploma

2. English score: TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.0(no less than 6.0 for each item)

3. Even if you are admitted to the English language courses of KPU, IELTS should not be lower than 4.5, and each item should not be lower than 4.0. Toefl 32, writing at least 12, listening and speaking at least 6.