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Buy Fake ACCA Transcript

ACCA Transcript, Buy Fake ACCA Transcript

ACCA Transcript

The following certificates can be obtained through different ACCA levels: 1. Business Accounting Certificate.  A certificate in Business Accounting is awarded to students who have completed the F1,F2 and F3 examinations and passed the Foundation Stage ethics test. buy fake ACCA Transcript, If you have been exempted from the examination, you cannot obtain this certificate. 2. Advanced Certificate in Business Accounting. When students complete F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9 and the Ethics test module, fake ACCA Transcript, they will be awarded the Advanced Certificate in Business Accounting. If you are exempted from the test, you will not be able to obtain this certificate. buy fake ACCA diploma, buy fake ACCA certificate, fake ACCA degree.

How to Apply for a Certificate:

1. Apply for Diploma in accounting an Business

ACCA students need to pass the first three exams and pass basic ethics tests online, (go to myacca and look in the Navigation menu for Ethicsige&Professionalism, which has two, One is professional ethics module, which can only be done after passing the first nine courses.) What needs to be done after passing the first three courses is foundation in professionalism module. After passing the test, the system will automatically generate this certificate.

2. Apply for Advanced diploma in accounting and business

ACCA students need to pass the first nine exams, at least two of which will be taken by themselves. And pass the online professional ethics test (mentioned in the first article), the system will automatically generate the certificate after the test.

The professional ethics module tests some basic knowledge, and then some case study. After reading, you should hand in a small paper with a word limit. If necessary, it mainly focuses on what you have learned and how you have helped to become a professional accountant. This certificate will be generated automatically after ACCA review in about three to five days.

Warm tips: These two certificates are no longer sent to ACCA exam students. If necessary, print them out by yourself. Look for exam status&result in the navigation directory, click to enter, there is print a certificate on the right, select the certificate you want to print. Click view certificate and you can download the PDF file!