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I. Background of the construction of the Scottish Educational Qualification Framework System. In recent years, the implementation of the Scottish Vocational Education Qualification Framework has greatly boosted the development of lifelong learning in Scotland, fake SVQ LEVEL3 Certificate. The great development of vocational education in Scotland began in the 1980s, when the teaching of vocational qualifications was summarized. On the basis of education, in order to further strengthen vocational training work, buy SVQ LEVEL3 Certificate, buy fake SVQ LEVEL3 Certificate, while facing the introduction of the British in 1986.National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and General National Vocational Qualification (GNVQ) have been gradually established.The Scottish Credit and Qualification Fram-. The Scottish Credit and Qualification Fram- work, SCQF), purchase fake SVQ LEVEL3 Certificate, design and develop relevant professional standards to reinforce government, industry, business and school.Participation highlights the government’s guidance of lifelong education for the whole people and reflects the importance of vocational skills in the whole social life Ask for sex. take fake SVQ LEVEL3 Certificate.

Ii. The composition of the Scottish vocational Education Qualification Framework System

The important role of the Scottish Vocational Education Qualification Framework is to enable every learner to look within the framework

To all mainstream certificate training, so as to design and implement their own career planning. And the learner can be

All age groups and a variety of occupations, learning basis, learning background, and even on-the-job workers.

The structure of the Scottish vocational education Qualification Framework system is mainly composed of a scale and three main lines, a ruler

Degrees are Scottish Qualifications Framework (SCQF) levels, from level 1 to Level 12, with vocational education throughout

All types of education, but within the control standards; The three main lines are the Scottish Qualifications Board

Accreditation, Higher Education Accreditation and Scottish Vocational Accreditation are shown in Table 1.

Iii. The relationship between various elements within the Scottish vocational Education Qualification Framework

First, the relationship between the Scottish Qualifications Board, higher education institutions and Scottish Vocational Certification. In the tube

In terms of content, the three have different management objects. The Scottish Qualifications Board is responsible for the full-time administration

Basic education and full-time or part-time vocational education; Higher education institutions are responsible for academic qualifications and university education

Conferring and issuing academic degrees; Scottish Vocational Certification is responsible for certifying the professional qualifications of those in work.

Second, the composition and relationship of the elements of the vocational education system under the management of the Scottish Academic Qualifications Board. Scotland

The elements of vocational education system under the management of Academic Qualification Management Committee are composed of five parts, which are basic education

From life and independence skills to knowledge and skills in a specific field (Scotland has specialized skills classes from junior middle school to senior High school), the Higher National Certificate in vocational education (High National Certificate)

Certificate, HNC) and Higher Education Degree (High NationalDiploma, HND), in Middle School

And other levels of education offer national Certificate education and national development certification, as well as on-the-job professional development certification. its

The basic education emphasizes the basic quality and skill training, while the higher vocational education emphasizes the professional technology and technology

Yes, the National Certificate of Education emphasizes what employers need, while the National Development Certificate relates to professional standards and practices

Skills defined by industry standards, career development certification is mainly for the continuing education of employed people.