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University of Bolton Diploma

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Bolton University, which officially changed its name to a university in 2005, traces its educational history back to the early 19th century. The school is located in the north of England, close to Manchester and Liverpool. The school is known for its rigorous learning and flexible curriculum, and has been awarded the highest score in the UK’s Education Quality Assessment. The employment rate of its graduates is also among the highest among similar universities. Adjacent to Liverpool and Manchester, Bolton has a cultural, sports and retail hub as famous as the two big cities, as well as bringing entertainment and shops to your doorstep. A variety of bars, restaurants, free live music and regular student nights enrich your life. There are many sports facilities near the school: football field, golf school, swimming pool and so on. It is also easy to get to other cities from Bolton. With 11,000 students, Bolton University has a strong academic atmosphere. There are 5 schools and 2 research centers, including the School of Arts, Media and Education, the School of Environmental Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Computer Technology and the School of Health and Social Sciences. With high quality teachers, good teaching environment and complete learning facilities, the school has won the highest score in the UK Education Quality Assessment, and high student satisfaction. Bolton has excellent ground transport and rail transport facilities. It only takes 20 minutes to get to the centre of Manchester, or you can go to nearby Liverpool or Blackpool. If you don’t want to go to the city, you can always take the train to the Lake District or Yorkshire to enjoy the nature.

There are two accommodation areas: Hollins and Orlando Village, with a total of 700 separate study bedrooms, each equipped with carpet, curtains, bed, desk, cupboard, storage, folding chair and sink. All with stoves. The Hollins accommodation has 318 separate bedrooms and apartments that can be shared between six and nine people. Each room has a kitchen (including microwave, oven and refrigerator) and a shared bathroom. There are Internet facilities.

Orlando Village is a 10-minute walk from the Deane campus. It has 383 separate bedrooms with kitchen, storage, bathroom and Internet connection.

You can also ask Student Services about renting private rooms off campus. The library is open 6 days a week. For evening hours and holiday hours, please refer to the library bulletin board or website. Equipped with printing and copying facilities, the staff at the Information Desk can provide you with necessary assistance. There are Internet facilities everywhere in the school. The wireless network covers the whole school, and as long as students have a computer or notebook, they can surf the Internet in the dormitory. The school provides you with a wide range of support services. You can find the student counseling office, and you can go to the student union to get help. The university’s student union provides students with health care and assistance. In addition, 30 million pounds of new funding will be used to build emergency facilities to provide medical services to the general public.