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Fake Canadian Study Permit Certificate

Canadian Study Permit Certificate, Fake Canadian Study Permit Certificate

Canadian Study Permit Certificate

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Most foreign students require a study permit to study in Canada. Students should apply before leaving for Canada. A study permit is not a visa and a visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is required to enter Canada.

Nowadays studying abroad is more and more popular, and more and more candidates go to Canada. Many students will be confused about how to obtain Study Permit after the first visa. Some students even think that it is OK to get a Student Visa, and have no idea what Study Permit is. The following is to learn about the instructions of studypermit in Canada, hoping to be helpful to you.

To enter Canada to study, students must first apply for a Student Visa, which is the small piece of paper attached to the passport page. We usually call it a “small visa” because of its small size. With it, students can come and go to Canada freely. That’s why when Tang Monk went to the West, he needed to stamp the stamps of all countries on the customs ultimatum. The slight difference is that the Tang monk does a visa on arrival.

If you want to Study in Canada, in addition to the small visa just mentioned, you also need to get the Study Permit at the first time when you enter Canada, which is the following piece of paper. Because of its large size, we call it “large visa”. With it, we can study legally in Canada.

After getting off the plane, the customs officer will usually take the initiative to tell you please go to the immigration tunnel… The more enthusiastic ones will tell you where to pick it up, usually in the next room, not too far away.

After customs clearance, hold the passport, admission and the plane filled in the entry form at the immigration window line up to receive. (Here it is suggested that you speak common identity documents and academic materials to copy several spare, take with you). After receiving must carefully check personal information, foreigners are also people, there will be a probability of error, in case the information does not match, to find the staff in time to correct!