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Fake Caribbean Examinations Council Secondary Education Certificate

Fake Caribbean Examinations Council Secondary Education Certificate

Caribbean Examinations Council Secondary Education Certificate

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The Caribbean Examinations Board is an educational examination body in the Caribbean that provides Certificate of education and degree examinations for secondary school students in the Caribbean. The examination Board’s Cses are widely used in higher education and vocational fields in the Caribbean. For example, students with a Caribbean Examinations Council Certificate of Secondary Education can obtain a bachelor’s degree from universities and higher education institutions in the Caribbean and then pursue careers in English, history, literature, education, tourism, business and other fields in Caribbean countries or regions. Caribbean Examinations Board Cses also provide access to quality high schools and universities, an authentic Commonwealth education, and the opportunity to apply for a St Kitts passport, which provides a solid foundation for future career development. Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEC)

The Caribbean Secondary Education Leaving Examination is held in January and May to June and is taken by students who have completed secondary school. The exam is the equivalent of the British O-Level and can be taken by students aged 16 or over.

Caribbean Advanced Skills Examination (CAPE)

The Caribbean Higher Level Examination is held in June. Students who have completed secondary school and have passed the CESC examination or its equivalent can take this examination if they wish to further their studies. The exam is the equivalent of the British A-Level, both of which can be used to qualify for university study.

Caribbean Certificate Level 2 (CCSLC)

The Caribbean Secondary Certificate Examination (CCSLC), held in June, is a Caribbean secondary qualification examination for both secondary school students and adult learners, organized by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) since 2007.