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Fake Central Institute of Technology Diploma

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Central Institute of Technology Diploma

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Central Institute of Technology (CIT) is New Zealand’s first national technical college. For more than 40 years, the University has a long-standing reputation for providing high quality education and training. The school offers a variety of certificate of study, graduate diploma and degree programmes including business, technology, humanities and natural sciences. The campus is located in the city of Upper Hutt, just 30 minutes’ drive north of the capital Wellington. The beautiful campus environment creates a relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere for students. Students can also take elective courses at campuses in Wellington and Auckland. CIT has an enrollment of about 4,000 students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Most of the school’s courses are designed to be flexible to suit the educational needs of different students.

Existing curriculum

The subjects available to international students are business, Computer science, Consulting Technology, Hospitality Management, Tourism, Engineering, Electronics, Design, Science, Health Sciences, education, consulting and English.

School year arrangement

Each school year begins in February and ends in November. Admission to some courses is also available in July.

Accommodation arrangement

Students can live in dormitories on campus. Students have their own rooms and a common bathroom. The dormitory also has laundry service. Students can eat in the student cafeteria. Off-campus homestays can be arranged if requested. There are also many rental houses near the campus.

Campus facilities and services

CIT offers excellent sports, entertainment, leisure facilities and excellent services including airport reception (NZ $60), cafeteria, gym and fitness centre, tennis courts, sports fields, student health centre, on-campus post office and shop, modern library, student psychological and course counsellors and a centre for international students.