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The United States is located in the middle of North America, and its territory also includes Alaska in the northwest of North America and Hawaii Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It borders Canada in the north, buy fake Certificate of United states of American, the Gulf of Mexico in the south, the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. It covers an area of 9.37 million square kilometers. The mainland is 4,500 kilometers long from east to west, 2,700 kilometers wide from north to south, shopping fake Certificate of United states of American, purchase fake Certificate of United states of American, and its coastline is 22,700 kilometers long. The terrain of the United States is varied, high in the west and low in the east. The East Coast has coastal plains, which are wide in the south and narrow in the north, stretching all the way to New Jersey. fake Certificate of United states of American for sale, There are also glacial sedimentary plains in places like Long Island. Behind the coastal plain lies the rolling foothills that extend to the 1,830 meter high Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and New Hampshire. Where Can I Buy Fake Certificate of United States of American?

To the west of the Appalachians lies the relatively flat Central Great Plains of the United States, along with the Great Lakes and the Mississippi — Missouri River basin, the fourth largest river basin in the world. West of the Mississippi River, the topography of the inner plains begins to rise, and finally into the Great Plains, a vast area of the central United States with few topographic features.

On the western side of the Great Plains are the towering Rocky Mountains, which cut the continental United States in half from south to north, reaching 4, 270 meters at its highest peak in Colorado. The west Coast has the Sierra Nevada and the Coast Range. There used to be frequent volcanic activity in the Rockies; Only one area remains (the supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming – probably the largest active volcano in the world). The highest mountain in the United States is Mount McKinley, which at 6,193 meters is also the highest peak in North America.


Parts of the United States have a continental climate and the southern part is subtropical. The north-central Plains have a wide range of temperature differences, with average January temperatures of -3 ° C in Chicago and 24 ° C in July, and average January temperatures of 11 ° C in the Gulf Coast and 28 ° C in July.

Natural resources

The United States is rich in natural resources, and its total proved reserves of mineral resources rank first in the world. Coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, potash, phosphate, sulfur and other mineral reserves are among the top in the world. Other minerals include copper, lead, molybdenum, uranium, bauxite, gold, mercury, nickel, potassium carbonate, silver, tungsten, zinc, aluminum, bismuth, etc. Strategic mineral resources such as titanium, manganese, cobalt and chromium are mainly imported. The forest area is about 4.4 billion mu, covering 33% of the land.

The United States is divided into 50 states and 1 District (District of Columbia), with 3,143 counties. The federal territories include Puerto Rico and Northern Mariana; Overseas territories include Guam, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, with Washington, D.C. as its capital.