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Fake Chinese University of Hong Kong Diploma

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Chinese University of Hong Kong Diploma

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is an international, public and research-oriented comprehensive university with academic focus in the fields of humanities, mathematics, computer science, economics and finance, medicine, law, media and geography. It is the only university in Hong Kong where Nobel Prize winners, Fields Medal winners, Turing Prize winners and Shannon Prize winners teach. The school by “combining traditional and modern, combining Chinese and western” for the mission, in a flexible credit system, the academy system, the Sino-British and heavy and multicultural features, is the university of the Pacific rim alliance, the world university alliance, loose union, President of the university of China association member, first member of the AACSB accreditation in Asia, Hong Kong Internet exchange center is located.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong was formed by the merger of New Asia College, Chung Chi College and United College in 1963; In 1966, the first graduate school in Hong Kong was established. In 1976, the departments of the different colleges were integrated under the unified responsibility of the University; In 1986, a comprehensive review of the curriculum structure, a switch to the credit system and a strengthening of general education; In 1998, Mainland undergraduates were admitted first in Hong Kong; In 2014, CUHK (Shenzhen) was established.

As an institution of higher learning in Hong Kong and Asia and a major base for contemporary neo-Confucianism, CUHK has gathered scholars such as Mo Qian, Yutang Lin, Charles Kao, Tsung-yee Rao, Chen-ning Yang, Kwang-chung Yu, Morris, Chi-chi Yao, Mundell, Yuk-ming Lo, and Wei-Ho Yeung. It has cultivated talents from all walks of life represented by mathematician Qiu Chengtong, historian Yu Yingshi, geneticist Xu Lizhi, banker Zheng Haiquan and 15 Rhodes scholars.