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The UK is one of the earliest countries in the development of the insurance industry. Even at this stage, the UK is also the center of international insurance, especially Marine insurance, aerospace insurance.

In The process of the development of insurance industry, the British insurance vocational education system has played an important supporting role. The Chartered InsuranceInstitute (CII) is the most well-known insurance vocational education institution with a long history.

The CII was formed by the association of insurance societies in the UK. The earliest one was the Manchester Insurance Society in 1873. In 1897, the Union of Insurance Societies of the British Empire and Ireland was formed on the basis of insurance societies in the UK, which marked the formal establishment of the CII.

In 1912, the Union of Insurance Societies of Great Britain and Ireland was granted a Royal Charter and was renamed the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Thanks to the Royal warrant and the traditional rigor of CII itself, CII has become the unified institution providing insurance vocational certification in the UK. For more than 100 years, CII has been joined by countless members. By 2018, CII still has 128,000 members in more than 150 countries and regions, making it the largest insurance vocational education institution in the world.