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Fake CISI Diploma

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CISI Diploma

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The Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) was established in 1992 by the granddaddy of the world’s stock exchanges, the London Stock Exchange, with its headquarters in the City of London and offices in Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Dubai and Dublin. The chairman of CISI is Alan Yarrow, who was Lord Mayor of London in 2015. CISI is the only Royal chartered standard setter and professional certificator for the financial services and investment industry in the UK. Its role is to provide the financial services industry with systematic professional qualifications, membership services and career development opportunities in securities and investment.

CISI adheres to the professional spirit concept of combining three elements [1] :

Professional knowledge: Acquire the most basic working ability through the professional qualification for practitioners.

Professional skills: Membership in a professional body allows for continuous professional development and continuous learning to maintain professional standards.

Ethical conduct: Upholding the highest standards of professional integrity by adhering to the code of conduct of professional bodies.

CISI values a professional as someone who combines professional knowledge and skills with integrity. As a professional organization, CISI aims to provide each professional with the attributes necessary for his or her career development.

International recognition

CISI has the world’s leading financial qualification certification system, and the finance, especially the wealth management concept, promoted by CISI has gradually become the most authoritative international standard of wealth management industry. CISI enjoys the following international authority: the UK Financial Conduct Authority (the world’s most well-regulated and law-enforcing financial regulator); Qualifications and Examinations England (the national qualifications authority); International Organization of Securities Commissions; International financial Planning Standards Board; The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts and other financial regulators in more than 40 countries.