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University of Applied Sciences fake diploma

University of Applied Sciences diploma

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The CODE University of Applied Sciences is located in Berlin, Germany. Since its establishment in 2017, the University of Applied Sciences is determined to maintain its commitment to delivering high-quality education, both academically and socially. CODE University of Applied Sciences gives students everything they need for their intellectual, professional, and personal development through academic support, modern facilities, and opportunities to interact and learn from new friends from all around the world.

With the specialist knowledge and essential soft skills you have acquired during your studies at CODE University of Applied Sciences, you are ready to work in many professional fields. Also, look out for any employment-enhancing opportunities that the university offers via workshops and internship recommendations. Practical experience, such as volunteer activities and internships, will increase your career prospects.

CODE is a private state-recognized university of applied sciences located in vibrant Berlin, supported by Germany’s leading startup entrepreneurs. We are where rule-breakers and visionaries converge to redefine learning. At CODE, you’re not just a student; you’re a digital pioneer, crafting the future with each project. Our campus is your playground, set in an ecosystem brimming with technology innovators and creative disruptors.

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