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Cosmetology License certificate

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To continue practicing cosmetology in Texas, you must renew your license every two years through the Texas Cosmetology Board. The exact steps you need to take to renew your Texas beauty license depend on the type of license you have, such as an operating license, a professional license (manicurist, beautician, eyelash extender, beautician/manicurist), a hair braid license, a trainer’s license, or a trainer’s professional license. However, the updated general guidelines remain unchanged.

Renewal process
You can obtain a Texas Beauty Renewal license by completing an online application. You only need to submit your continuing education hours, current license number, relevant personal information (which may include your Social Security information), and payment for obtaining a new license. You can also renew your license by mail and pay by money order or cashier’s check.

Continuing education requirements
In Texas, you must take continuing education classes to get a renewed license. The number of hours required depends on when your current license expires. If your driver’s license expired before September 1, 2012, you will need a total of 6 hours of continuing education. For those whose driver’s license expires after this date, you only need four hours of continuing education. These courses must be conducted through a state-approved continuing education institution.

Course theme
There are strict rules about the types of courses you take in order to obtain a beauty renewal license in Texas. For those who require six hours, two hours must be hygienic, two hours for topics other than hygiene in Texas Occupational Codes 1602, 1603 and Chapter 83, and two hours for any related beauty topics listed in Chapter 83 of the Beauty Regulation Rules. According to the new rules, you only need four hours, of which one hour needs to be on hygiene and the other three hours need to be on the relevant topics listed in chapter 83. You can’t take the same class twice.

What should you do if you miss the deadline?
If you miss the deadline to get a Texas beauty renewal license, you can’t legally use an expired license, but you do have some options. You have 18 months to renew your license through regular channels, but you must pay an additional fee. If you are 90 days or less overdue, the late renewal fee is 1.5 times the normal fee, and if you are 90 days to 3 years overdue, it is 2 times the normal fee. If your license is between 18 months and 3 years old, you must file an expired license application with the Executive Director.