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Fake Curtin University Degree

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Curtin University Degree

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Curtin University of Technology is an Australian national university and the largest university in Western Australia. Originally established as the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) in 1966, the school gained university status in 1987 and was renamed Curtin University of Technology. In addition to the main campus in Bentley, Curtin has five other campuses in Perth City, Margaret River, Erkaguri, Northam and Sarawak, Malaysia. Curtin University of Technology has five faculties, the Centre for Indigenous Studies, the Curtin Business School, the School of Health Sciences, the School of Humanities, and the School of Science and Engineering. Curtin offers more than 815 undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes. Curtin offers undergraduate programmes in Accounting, Administration, Advertising, Marketing, Economics, Electronic Commerce and Gold.

Curtin University of Technology Atlas Curtin University of Technology Atlas

Harmony, human resource management, international business, public relations, tourism management, engineering chemistry, engineering, trade, chemical, and education, computer science, communication engineering, electronic engineering, environmental biology, environmental science, information technology, food science and technology, health science, human biology, life science, medical science, nursing, social science, architecture, design , mass communication, education, Asian languages, English, social work, art, construction, archives management, library, multimedia design, etc. Curtin offers graduate programs including accounting, economics and finance, information systems, management, marketing, project management, petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, energy engineering, telecommunications, electronics design, network management, health science, microbial medicine, nursing, history, political science, sociology, education, media, etc. Curtin also awards doctoral degrees to students such as Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Arts, Doctor of Education, and so on.