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Fake Daytona State College Degree

Daytona State College fake diploma

Daytona State College diploma

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Daytona State College (Daytona Beach) offers junior college and undergraduate professional programs. The college offers the following specialties: Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Information Technology, Computer Programming and Analysis, Digital media – Design Schemes, digital media, Internet design and production schemes, Digital television and Media Production, Electronic Engineering Technology, Graphic technology – Design schemes, Interior Design Technology, Web Service Technology, Web Service Technology, Photography and analog and Robotics Technology, Health Professions and Public Co-services, Digital Media – Design Solutions, Digital Television and Media Production, Computer Programming, Digital Video Basics, Drafting and Design Technology, Graphic Design Production, Graphic Design Technology – Interactive Media Support, Graphic Technology Design Support, IT Management, IT analysis, IT Management, IT Support Specialists, IT Technicians, Medical Coding/Billing , microcomputer maintenance/installation, multimedia creation, multimedia production, multimedia video production, etc. The undergraduate programs of this school include: primary education, exceptional education, middle school mathematics education, middle school biology education, middle school physics education, middle school chemistry education, middle school Earth/space science education, supervision and management, engineering technology, etc.