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How can easily obtain De La Salle University fake diploma?

De La Salle University fake diploma

De La Salle University diploma

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Founded in 1911 and located in downtown Manila, De La Salle University is the number one private institution in the Philippines and also the leading aristocratic Christian school in the Philippines. One of the “top four universities in the Philippines”. De La Salle University is ranked third in the Philippine University Rankings and its Business school is ranked second in the Global Education Business School Ranking Network’s national Business School rankings. The first commercial secondary school students graduated in 1915.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences was established in 1953; In 1959, the Department of Education was established. In 1960, the Institute of Business Management was established; The Institute of Education was established in 1963 and the Institute of Industrial Technology (later merged into the Institute of Engineering) in 1973. Established a professional development department in 1980; In 1981, the School of Computer Information was established.

As one of the top 500 universities in the world, De La Salle University has become the best private university in the Philippines with its research strength, graduate employment rate, international perspective and high quality teaching. This is according to the London Times Higher Education Magazine based on the evaluation of its alumni, staff, employers and international students. In 2000, De La Salle University was ranked 71st among Asian universities in terms of academic reputation, student recognition, faculty and financial resources, citations in international journals, and online presence.

During World War II, the Japanese army occupied the university and used it as a defensive garrison. During the war, although classes continued to be taught, the courses were greatly reduced, and the school’s gymnasium, library and laboratories were severely damaged due to continuous bombing by the military. In July 1945, after the end of the war, De La Salle University re-established its campus, with 60 students graduating from the Middle School at the end of the semester, despite a lack of manpower and equipment. In order to strengthen its higher education programs, the University of de la Salle established the College of Engineering in 1947.

Today, as a large comprehensive university, de La Salle has formed a global de La Salle University education network. It has become a world-renowned educational institution whose constituent units display diverse and complementary roles, serving as an unlimited source of vitality for the church and the nation in the progress of society. He is committed to improving the quality of life through outstanding education, research and community service.