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Fake Drexel University Transcript

Drexel University Transcript, Fake Drexel University Transcript

Drexel University Transcript

It is a place full of trees and life. When the dawn breaks through the dark night before dawn, the campus slowly wakes up from sleep. The morning on campus is beautiful. When the sun in the morning fog revealed the first smile, sleeping all night of the campus are happy again. Look, the tree woke up, and opened its tall and straight body; The grass stretched the waist, raised its lovely smiling face, as if to tell the sun father-in-law last night’s dream; The flowers that have been dressed up all night are showing their beauty to the fullest. Listen, from time to time in the teaching building eaves flying early birds, are twittering singing happy songs. This campus in the morning, the dream of the morning. Who can help admiring this campus? Who can help admiring this morning? Walking on the campus path, the birds in the trees are singing. Not only is the fragrance of nature blowing on the face, but also the heavy history and culture of the school. You will be eager to gain recognition from your University and obtain a Drexel University Diploma and a Drexel University transcript from University. It’s not an easy process, but that’s okay, we have a much faster way, through us, You can quickly obtain the fake Drexel University Diploma, fake Drexel University degree and fake Drexel University transcript.

Drexel University, founded in 1891, is a private four-year comprehensive university located in Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, on the east coast of the United States, with a campus in Sacramento,☺ the capital of California. Known as one of Philadelphia’s “Great Three” (the other two are the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University). Drexel University focuses on co-operative education, which emphasizes learning and internship. The university has always been committed to integrating scientific and technological resources. In 1983, Drexel University became the first university in the country to use microcomputers in undergraduate courses. In 2000, Drexel University became the first university to run a wireless network throughout its campus. The University opened a new law school in 25 years and became the first professional research university in 2006. The University’s law school is also one of only two law schools to use a joint teaching model.

Drexel offers programs in almost all academic fields, with arts, engineering, and business at the top of the list. Its engineering school has been named a National model school by the National Science Foundation, and accounts for about 1 percent of the nation’s engineering graduates each year, a staggering number. The university’s bioengineering program ranks 37th in the United States, materials engineering ranks 41st, and environmental hygiene engineering ranks 47th. The school has about 19,000 students.

Drexel University is located in the cosmopolitan city of Philadelphia. The full name of Philadelphia (Philadelphia), is the largest city in Pennsylvania, the fifth largest city in the United States, and New York, Boston and other cities belong to the northeast Atlantic coastal city cluster, is one of the world’s five metropolitan areas. A world-class city for business, arts and education, Philadelphia blends skyscrapers into multicultural neighborhoods, creating a wonderful atmosphere that is unique and intimate to the metropolis. The Drexel campus is located in a college town just minutes away from the city center. The campus is also surrounded by five other universities and is home to numerous cafes, restaurants, shopping centers and farmers markets. Cities offer many opportunities for students to study, relax, work and engage in historical, cultural and artistic research. Philadelphia is close to ski resorts in the Pocono Mountains and local beaches in New Jersey, and conveniently located between New York City and Washington, D.C.

Philadelphia is located on the southeastern edge of Pennsylvania, at the confluence of the Delaware and Schoolkill rivers, 142 kilometers east of the Atlantic Ocean. It has an urban area of 352 square kilometers and a population of 1.586 million (1990); The metropolitan area includes about 140 towns in 5 counties including Philadelphia and 2 counties including Camden, New Jersey, with a total area of 9,202 square kilometers. In addition to being known for its busy metropolitan area, Philadelphia has a long history and is a symbol of American freedom and equality. It was the capital of the United States from 1790 to 1800.

Historical Background


As the oldest city in the United States, many important events and decisions about the development of American history were initiated in this city. For example, the first and second Continental congresses, which symbolized the outpost of American independence, were held in Philadelphia. Later, Franklin’s Declaration of Independence and the draft Constitution of the United States were drafted and signed here. Even the American flag was designed in Philadelphia. So Philadelphia is also known as the birthplace of America.

Some scholars have analyzed that the reason why Philadelphia can rise to become an international city, in addition to the historical factors, its excellent geographical location is another key to win. Philadelphia is only 100 kilometers from New York, the commercial capital of the United States, and 133 kilometers from Washington, DC. With both political and business resources at the right and wrong end of the spectrum, Philadelphia’s residents had easy access to first-hand information about the decisions made by top political and business leaders, creating an irreplaceable intermediary for the city.


Philadelphia is located in the northern periphery of the humid subtropical climate, with four distinct seasons. Winter is cold, with an average temperature of 0.2 ° C in January, although the temperature sometimes drops to −10 ° C. The average snowfall is 49cm, but snowfall is very variable. Summer sweltering, July average temperature 25.3℃, high temperature sometimes up to 35℃, common thunderstorms. Annual precipitation of about 1070mm, also distributed relatively evenly.

The extreme high temperature of 41℃ occurred on August 7, 1918; The extreme low temperature was -24℃ on February 9, 1934. It reaches 32 ° C on 26 days a year.