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Edexcel GCSE Certificate

Edexcel GCSE Certificate, Buy Fake Edexcel GCSE Certificate

Edexcel GCSE Certificate

Edexcel General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is the most highly recognized and widely respected secondary education qualification in the world. Edexcel GCSE Certificate, It has the following characteristics:

● Designed for 14 – to 16-year-olds

● A wider choice of subjects to meet the needs of all schools and students

● Provide seamless access to A Levels, vocational or international certification

● Encourage international thinking and cultivate talents with a global perspective

Like A Levels, Edexcel International GCses are globally recognised, seamlessly linked to Level 3 A Levels and tailored for international students.

How difficult are GCSE and IGCSE subjects? You know what? Because of the large number of GCses or IGCses, the Edexcel GCSE offers 52 exams and the IGCSE has nearly 43; The IGCses of the CAIE Examinations Authority have more than 70 exams. fake Edexcel GCSE Certificate.

Both UK and international schools generally require students to study 8-10 subjects at GCSE/IGCSE level. Among them, Mathematics, English (first language, second language or English literature), science (physics, chemistry and biology) are compulsory, and students can choose from other electives that interest them. If students have limited energy, at least 5-6 courses are recommended. Which courses ALevel chooses directly influences which courses he chooses later, buy fake Edexcel GCSE Certificate, so GCSE/IGCSE course selection is an important decision.

Comparison of qualification Difficulty between GCSE/IGCSE and other countries


AP courses in the US are equivalent to A Level in the UK, so GCses/IGCses are much easier than AP courses.


Sats are more difficult than GCses/IGCses. SAT courses are used to apply to American universities.