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Fake Edward Waters College Degree

Edward Waters College fake diploma

Edward Waters College diploma

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Edward Waters College (Jacksonville) is a historically private, black college. The motto of Edward Waters College (Jacksonville) is pride, growth and success. Edward Waters College (Jacksonville) is Florida’s oldest private institution of higher learning. Founded in 1866, it was set up specifically to educate newly liberated slaves. Edward Waters College (Jacksonville) has a strong enrollment of African American students and students from Southeast Asia and the northeastern United States. It also welcomes students of all races. Edward Waters College (Jacksonville) is recognized by college students in the United States and around the world. Edward Waters College (Jacksonville) is a four-year, liberal arts, liberal arts, coeducational school that follows Christian principles and emphasizes high moral and spiritual values. Edward Waters College (Jacksonville) offers the following courses: Biology, Communications, mathematics, music, Political Science, Psychology, Religion and Philosophy, Sociology, Business administration, computer information systems, Criminal justice, Elementary Education, Physical Education, Sports/Recreation, organizational management, psychology, Sociology, and more.