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Fake Arden University Degree

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Arden University Degree

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Founded in 1990 as a family business called Resource Development International, Arden joined Capella Education in 2011. In 2015 the school gained university status and changed its name to Arden University. In August 2016, the university was acquired by the Netherlands-based Global University Systems Group. Arden University is based in Coventry, West Midlands, and operates two learning centres in London. Using distance learning and blended learning, Arden University offers a number of specialty programs, including online and full-time courses, customized programs and supportive learning experiences that make it a pioneer in higher education. Arden University has always believed that everyone has the right to higher education. It is a path that leads to personal advancement and enrichment. The school’s goal is to make higher education more accessible, attractive, and beneficial to people around the world.

Arden University offered online education from 1990 until 2014, when it officially acquired degree-granting rights and changed its name to Arden University. The school currently supports more than 9,000 students online and has campuses in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Berlin. Most of the transportation is convenient, the city is prosperous and the life is convenient. At the same time, the school has set up 12 kinds of professional schools, among which the business school is mainly set up in the bustling London campus, the student employment and satisfaction is high, at the same time, by the professional bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the Chartered Accounting Association (ACCA) Project management Association, etc. The School of Computer Science covers artificial intelligence, digital economy and cloud technology and has a high employment rate.

The university set up three research centers in London campus, equipped with perfect computer and information technology equipment, learning space, etc. The Birmingham campus is equipped with a newly designed public library and learning center in the city center. The Manchester campus is centrally located and has a wealth of online learning materials for students to access as well as a large computer suite. Berlin was named the best city for students, and the campus is located in the Berlin International Business Center, which offers business school students plenty of job opportunities as well as a good learning atmosphere.