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Fake Bernard M. Baruch College Degree

Bernard M. Baruch College Degree, Buy Fake Bernard M. Baruch College Degree

Bernard M. Baruch College Degree

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Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York (CUNY), also known as Baruch College of the City University of New York, is the most famous branch of the City University of New York, founded in 1847, is the first college of free higher education in the history of the United States, founded by the Wall Street investment guru Bernard Baruch. It produces more ceos and executives than any other U.S. university. The Business School is now the largest and oldest public business school in the United States. Its MBA program is ranked as one of the three best programs in New York City, ranking in the top three with NYU and Columbia University. Its MFE financial engineering program is ranked first in the United States by the prestigious QuantNet. Its students have won various prestigious industry awards, and all of them work for major international investment banks after graduation.

Specialty setting

1. Undergraduate courses: American Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, Black and Hispanic Studies, Communication Studies, Economics and Finance, Education, English (including Journalism), High Performing Arts, History, Interdisciplinary programs and courses, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Health Education, Political Science, Psychology, Public Affairs, Religious Culture, Social and Anthropology, Accounting, Insurance Statistics Computer Science, Business Information, Business Journalism, Corporate Communication, Computer Informatics, Economics, Finance and Investment, History, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Journalism/Creative Writing, Management, Sales Management, Mathematics, Music (including Music Company Management), Quantitative Methods and Models, Real Estate and Urban Development, Spanish, statistics

2. Master’s Courses in Accounting, Computer Informatics, Decision Science, Economics, Finance and Investment, Financial Engineering, Health Management, Corporate/Organizational Psychology, International Trade, Corporate Business Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Sales, Statistics, Taxation, Accounting (MSC), Business Computer Science, Corporate/Organizational Psychology (MSC), Sales (MSC), Applied Mathematics of Finance, Quantitative Methods and Models, Statistics (MSC), Taxation (MSC), Business Journalism, Corporate Communication (MA), Public Administration, Educational Administration Oversight, Higher Education

Master’s Degree: TOEFL 102, GPA3.3, and GPA 660.