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The coat of arms of Dalhousie University is derived from the coat of arms of the Ramsey tribe in Scotland (the founder of the university, George Ramsey, is the leader of the tribe). The coat of arms consists of 5 parts: shield, diadem, crest, supporter and motto Ramsay’s coat of arms and the Dalhousie coat of arms One major difference has a griffin and a greyhound. The Dalhousie coat of arms has two dragons holding a shield decorated with eagles. Originally, the Ramsey coat of arms was used to represent Dalhousie, but the coat of arms has continued to evolve as the University experiences amalgamation. The badge used to be silver, but in 1950 the College Board changed it to gold to match the gold and black that represent the university. These two colors were adopted after the 1887 varsity rugby team initiated a discussion about the color of the college jersey. The shield and eagle on the badge have been used as a logo since 1987, while the current version of the badge, which includes the tagline “Inspiring Thoughts”, was used in 2003.

The school’s law school has long enjoyed a reputation and has produced many well-known Canadian politicians and lawyers. Medicine, dentistry and health sciences have also produced a large number of outstanding talents. 80% of Nova Scotia’s government research funding is provided to Dalhousie University, and the university has maintained a leading position in Canada in research. The school spent 18 million Canadian dollars to establish a research center for computer science students, and the school also completed a 22 million Canadian dollar humanities and social sciences building, Dalplex fitness facility, and engineering and architectural design innovation building.