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Fake Regis University Degree

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Regis University Degree

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Regis University, founded in 1877, is one of only 28 Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) in the United States, Accredited by the North Central Regional Association (NCACS) and the American College Board, Regis University has been selected as the tenth best national university in the Western United States by U.S. News and World Report. The degree programs of Regis University are mostly liberal arts and business. It is one of the ten universities in the western United States with the highest student-faculty ratio. The main campus is located in Denver, the capital city of Colorado, ten minutes from the city center. Regis University has a park-like campus and unique Rocky Mountain views. It was founded by the Jesuit University as Las Vegas College in 1877 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. In 1884, the Jesuits founded Sacred Heart College in Morris, Colorado. In 1887, the two colleges merged and moved to their present site to form Regis College. In 1991, they became Regis University, now a national university in the United States. In 2020, USNEWS ranked the 76th undergraduate in the United States.

Specialty setting

Bachelor’s Degree: Accounting, Applied Psychology, Applied Science, Business Administration, Media, Computer Information Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Organizational Development, Public Administration, Religious Studies, Social Sciences, Teacher Education

Graduate majors: MBA, Consulting, Organizational Leadership (Leadership and Management, Project Leadership and Management, Information Technology Leadership and Management, Human Resource Management and Leadership, Computer Information Systems (databases, Software Engineering, Information Engineering, Information technology Application, Education.

PhD: Pharmacology, Occupational therapy, physiotherapy.

U.s.national Graduate School Ranking:

Pharmacy, No. 90

Physical therapy 25th