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What is SPM Malaysia?

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Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Certificate

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SPM is one of the key nodes of the Malaysian Diploma of Education. Its full name in Malay is Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), also known as the Malaysian Diploma of Education. SPM has the same role as the internationally common o-level. Administered by the Malaysian Examinations Authority and overseen by the Ministry of Education, the Malaysian National Examinations are the last national examinations in secondary education in Malaysia. It aims to assess the academic performance, qualifications and grades of students in Form Five, the equivalent of high two in China, during their five-year secondary school career. Prior to 1980, the SPM examinations were jointly organised by the Malaysian Examinations Authority and the University of Cambridge Examinations Board but since 1980 the University of Cambridge Examinations Board is no longer one of the organisers. So far, however, the agency has provided assistance and guidance to the Malaysian Examinations Authority. Generally speaking, the SPM has been established both within and outside Malaysia

The SPM is an integral part of your high school results if you want to go to a university in Malaysia.

Language examination in SPM

As Malaysia is reforming its education system, science and math are currently tested mainly in English. Apart from language subjects, other subjects are still tested using Malay. That is why the science and maths exams, from 2003 to 2006, were conducted mainly in English and Malay.

In 2003, a new section of the SPM examination system, English for Science and Technology (EST), was added. This is an English proficiency test with a focus on science and technology development.

Subject composition of SPM

In the past, science (science subject) students had to apply for at least 10 courses; Arts students must apply for at least 9 subjects. However, the current science exam allows applications for fewer than 10 subjects. But if you want to get a university scholarship, the fierce competition has forced you to take more subjects, at one point allowing students to take as many as 21 subjects, until the education department changed the rules.

SPM examination contents

There is a hard and fast rule here that if you want to get your SPM diploma, the most basic requirement is to pass the Malay language and history line.

The Malaysian Examinations Authority (MAA) and Cambridge University English Assessment Agency (CELA) work together to achieve certain English results in the SPM (code: 1119) and then you can get an O-level qualification similar to the SPM diploma, so you can apply directly to some of the former Commonwealth countries, especially the UK, because Malaysian students prefer the British doctor, lawyer and accountant diploma.

Compulsory subjects in the SPM

a Bahasa Malaysia and History are required to achieve the pass subjects. Failure in any of these subjects will result in failure to obtain the SPM Examination Diploma and certificate.

b Malaysian English, but candidates can still answer the paper in American English. The exam will be supervised by the Malaysian Examinations Authority (LPM), University of Cambridge Examinations Board (UCLES) and University of Cambridge English Assessment Agency (CELA), and candidates will also receive a diploma at O-level after passing.

SPM score rating

Candidates are graded according to their performance in each subject of study. However, the examination Authority has never directly published the scores required for a specific level. Since 2009, the Malaysian Examinations Authority has adopted a rating system with the highest a+ and the lowest g. That means if you get a g, you’re failing and need to restudy.