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Fake University of Adelaide Degree Certificate

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University of Adelaide Degree

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In 1874, Sir Walter Highest, a rancher in South Australia, proposed the establishment of a university in that state, “to enable students who have received high school to continue their education”. The University of Adelaide was subsequently established on 6 November that year through the collaboration of the State Government and the community, as well as a $20,000 donation from Sir Walter Hughes and businessman Thomas Elder. At that time, as well as a $20,000 donation from Sir Walter Hughes and businessman Thomas Elder. the courses offered by English-speaking universities were very limited, and it was a dream of Dr Augustus Short, the first Vice-chancellor of the University of Adelaide, to combine these traditional courses with an institution of higher learning offering courses in a variety of fields, including science, modern literature, art and moral philosophy. This wish was subsequently granted in 1882, when the University of Adelaide became the first university in Australia to grant scientific degrees.

In the early days of the university, the university attached great importance to the right of women to receive education. In 1881, the University of Adelaide officially recognized that women and men had equal access to education. The University of Adelaide is the first Australian institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world, and the second after the University of London, to recognise equality in education for women. Before that, women began studying and attending classes alongside men in 1876, and were equally eligible for academic studies, awards and honors. The first female student at the University of Adelaide, Edith Emily Dornwell, received her degree in Science in 1885. She was also the first female student in Australia to receive a Bachelor of Science degree. Laura Fowler was the first female student to earn a medical degree in 1891. Ruby Davy was the first woman to earn a doctorate in music at the university. Dr Helen Mayo was the first woman to run for a seat on the Board of an Australian University when she was successfully elected to the school Board in 1914.